Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gifts in the Post AND a chance to win more!

This last week was a very busy one, with lots of non-vintage-style sanding machines and exterior varnishes. It was enlivened, however, by the knowledge that THREE little parcels were winging their way to me through the postal systems of various countries.First up came a fantastic mini-swap from Sam, the lovely Gingerwine with a blog named after her cat, Silky Sue. I sent Sam some French craft magazine supliments, because she'd mentioned the UK magazine Easy Living and I wanted to give her the chance to see its French sister publication, Avantages. She returned the favour in style, sending me a super edition of Country Living. The articles are so to my taste, Sam - I am crazy about the 'Natural Elegance' one, and even the cover is fantastic - doesn't it sum up an English summer, especially to a family who are reading Swallows and Amazons every evening. (Oops - I covered up the little boat with brown sails in that picture - you'll just have to believe me that it looks like the Swallow.)I actually own some of Sam's artwork now! This sweet tag, which may not mean much to her, means so much to me, after I've been admiring her painting for so long on her blog. She has a blog shop now, you know...
Inside the little package were these fantastic copies of vintage gardening items. The adverts are incredible! I have a great idea for using the two cards, although I may not be able to bear using them at all...Next came something really different - a prize I was able to choose myself! Lululiz ran a fiendishly difficult visual quiz earlier this month. Try it out yourself - it is fun! She decided to reward each of us who had struggled through it, however amusing our results (I know mine made her laugh), and let us choose two items from her collected prize items. I chose this lovely card of French glass buttons, which made their way 'home' partway through last week.
I think the card is as wonderful as the buttons...I also chose this length of edging lace, which will be mega-useful one day and will look beautiful in the meantime. This picture also includes a clue about my last parcel, which arrived yesterday, all the way from New Zealand...Spot the Red Gingham? It's Sarah's trademark fabric. I sent her some vintage mother of pearl buttons, which are hard to get hold of in New Zealand, along with her prize for my Garden Party event. She outdid herself by making me this fantastic patchwork picture - I really still can't believe it! Let's look at the whole gift in more detail...
Here is the lady herself. Is it me, Sarah? I do have a string of pearls...Look at all the details - I think that the edging fabric is my favourite of all. I have been wandering round the house with this in my hand, waiting to find the perfect place for it. When it's up I'll take another photo for you!
There was also a sweet crocheted flower...And such a pretty drawn threadwork handkerchief to add to my collection.
Finally, these very classy ribbons. I really only buy secondhand/vintage ribbon, so the sight of such lovely, colour-coordinated, well-presented ribbons kind of went to my head.
I spent some time this morning winding the ribbon onto vintage spools, a la posh shops and magazine shoots I have been observing this year. I really need to get some bare spools, as these already have vintage threads on them and the ribbon doesn't go on perfectly, but you get the idea for now.Until I use the ribbon, it can sit looking charming in my vintage sewing corner.So, thank you so much, Sam, Liz and Sarah. I have had a wonderful week opening your lovely parcels, and will have plenty more delight as I read, display or use the fantastic things you've sent me.
Do not miss your chance to win something fantastic in the post! Click here to enter Mel's Country in the Town giveaway, which has undisclosed but unquestionably exciting prizes. You have until Friday, I think - Mel has great taste and is very generous, so do enter if you haven't done so already!
Tomorrow - definitions. What on earth does my blog name mean?


Michela said...

Wow! It was like Christmas morning for you today!
I think it's a great reward for all your effort and sweat of last week!
Sarah is really good at quilting and all those vintage treasures are lovely!
Enjoy your reading, pictures on CL July issue are fabulous!

Sal said...

Lovely treasures!
I have the set of garden ephemera .I found it in Totnes not long ago.
I still have not decided what to do with it though!!

Cal said...

What wonderful gifts - a feast for the eyes.
Cal x

Lululiz said...

I am so glad the glass buttons arrived safely. I had terrible visions of them getting smashed in the post.

Oh you lucky lucky girl, Sarah has really pulled out all the stops there, hasn't she? What a fabulous quilt picture!

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh you got some gorgeous things! I am very envious of the buttons.

Sam's artwork is so lovely isn't it? I'm so lucky to have a painting of hers plus two little cards which remain on permanent display!

Mel xxx

Shabby Chick said...

I'm so sorry I got totally distracted by the lovelies above and forgot to say thank you for mentioning my giveaway. Blushing at the kind words!

Mel xxx

Sarah said...

Ah, you're welcome Floss! Please give Floss a good iron before you hang her, won't you?!! She must have found the journey quite stressful. Did you notice the lace is the very same as the lace Liz sent you? She sent me some too. And I remember you mentioning that you had pearls which is why Floss is wearing her own set.

I love what you have done with the ribbons - such a pretty way to display them.

I love the other gifts you were sent too. You are right about that card - quite stunning! Right then, have a good night. I'm off to the supermarket for essentials soon.

abeachcottage.com said...

oooh what lovely packages, there is nothing better than parcels in the mailbox is there?

glad you found some side of the road shelves, let me know when there posted - I'm having *real internet problems at the moment and so not getting round to many blogs but I'd love to see what you do...



Cal said...

I'll have to remember that one about the keys and insecurity next time I'm on the offensive. LOL
Cal x

Melanie said...

Delightful piccies Floss xxx

What makes you happy? said...

What a lovely lot of pressies - you have been lucky.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely pressies!! Isn;t blogging grand!!!
I was lucky enough to win one of Sam's rose prints in her giveaway!! It will be going up in my craft room!

Sharon xx

Ps It looks as thogh I can get on your blog now!!!! About time : ) !!!

Olga said...

Floss, the patchwork lady is just beautiful - very elegant and definitely could be you :)!