Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random presents and cards

This is a really, really random thank you to everyone who gave me a card or a present for my birthday - the random element means that these pictures are in alphabetical order, more or less, rather than in any meaningful order, and it also means that I haven't photographed some presents at all, but here goes:

What could be more random than this superb card, which came with four teas (say it out loud) - four packets of yummy, favoured teas?Here's a more traditional card for me:
A beautiful bouquet from my lovely friend B, who came to the party with her sweet twins... A 'welcome' sign from one of the other children who came - how lovely! A blogging present, from Juanita!And here I am wearing this lovely vintage button bracelet, on the big day...
A little cactus garden from our pastor Thierry and his wife.This is how we displayed our cards, Son 1 and I. You can see alternating '40' and '12' ribbons hanging from our balcony.
A cute cat from my parents in law. And some cupcakes for my garden party from a thoughtful aunt... Penny and Dagmar gave me their presents before everyone else came... ... they included this lovely pink top from Penny and Matthew, and the great, second hand (as requested) cardi from the ever-environmentally-friendly Dagmar.
B's other twin daughter gave me this boquet. It went so well with my dress...Here's the detail I showed earlier.It's from this beautiful jewellery case from my parents. This is the outside.
A few more cards...Juanita found some more mother of pearl buttons on her thrift shopping trip, and sent me two garlands, including these really unusual large blue ones. Wonderful!This is part of the gift from my parents in law - really beautiful, and I like the idea of a fossil necklace.What is this, from Ben?It's the parasol which has been so invaluable in our garden!Helen and Sony from church gave me this sweet set of hooks. I loved it so much, but couldn't put it where I wanted it because the colour was wrong - I've changed the pinks into blues, copying the design with some of my vintage fabrics! Now it's just right in the kitchen, so thanks!Two lovely pot plants for our front window ledge from Son 1 - look how we opened my birthday presents at breakfast!The first card I opened, and still my favourite! Another blogging friend sent this one - Sharon from Clover Cottage.Two wonderful hydrangeas, now planted around the paving of my shady garden, and the biggest teacup to grace my party...A much-needed set of coloured threads from Son 2...The tin that Juanita found to put my buttons in! Very appropriate... A second plant from Thierry and Raymonde - a Venus Fly Trap to go with my much-loved collection of carnivorous plants.
A lovey seaside card. And a thought for the day:So thank you all so much for these wonderful birthday presents and cards, and your garden parties, and your birthday wishes by blog and by email. I had a really lovely birthday week, and am only just coming down to earth now.


Florence and Mary said...

Sorry I missed your birthday but it looks like you were not short of attention and thoroughly spoilt!

Victoria xx

Ashley said...

Glad you are back in the land of Blog. You goy some lovely gifts!

Elizabethd said...

What a wonderful birthday!

Lululiz said...

You are obviously a much loved person, those presents are so thoughtful and beautiful.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So many wonderful gifts and cards! :-)

juanitatortilla said...

"Four teas" -- that was VERY clever :) Love the plant gifts and practical gifts you've received.
All this attention on your big day must have touched you!

beck said...

Oh how fun that was looking through your pressies and cards! How wonderful to be surrounded by all that love & I'm sure it is because you are the sort of person who attracts lovely people! Love the buttons xox

Michela said...

Lucky girl! A lovely party..lot of gifts..lot of friendly and nice people..and lot of fun!

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Floss,

I hope you had a lovely birthday! Sorry I couldn't join in but my work life balance hasn't been the best lately. Looks set to continue being very bad for the next 2 weeks, I've been dropped in it AGAIN! Oh well, c'est la vie! :-)

Sian x