Thursday, July 30, 2009

Then and Now - Honeymoon and Spot the Difference!

19 years ago, we leapt into our bright yellow beetle and drove up to the Lake District for our honeymoon. We stayed in a holiday flat, rather than in a tent, as we normally do! It was above the Post Office at Rossthwaite, in Borrowdale, our favourite valley.We did a lot of walking, as it's cheap. And yes, OF COURSE I bought that waterproof jacket at a jumble sale! I think this is on top of Skiddaw, looking over Bassenthwaite Lake. Does that sound right? I actually know the Lakes well now, as I ended up the following year at Charlotte Mason College of Education in Ambleside, so Ben and I lived in Windermere for the first nine months of our married life. We didn't know about that when we booked Rose Cottage for our honeymoon!When we got back from honeymoon, we stayed with Ben's parents, and then mine, until our rented student flat above Windermere Library was ready. We spent the time building a bed (Ben) and doing up four mis-matched kitchen chairs from the junk shop in his parents' town (me). My first furniture recup'!So that was then, and this is now. Ben is getting rained on in the UK, for work purposes, and will pop in to see his parents at the weekend. The boys and I are having a week in the rather windy sun at home, and have been trying out their new snorkels, masks and flippers in the pool. The pool isn't big enough, but it will be a while before we get to the sea...

Now, can you Spot the Difference between the two pictures of Floss, below?One is Sarah's pic, one was taken by my boys last night. Well, what's the difference? The string of pearls is identical, the flower in the hair (carefully rearranged by the boys to make sure it was on the right side), the blue patterned dress, the big red button, the apron, even identical lace from Lululiz! OK, I've got it! I forgot my black gingham leggings! Thanks so much, Sarah...
Son 2 decided, probably quite rightly, that he would make a better model than photographer...
There are plenty more photos where that one came from...
Now, I've been tagged by Melanie, proving that blogging is great for the morale- she's still at it even though she's suffering from swine flu, poor girl!
This one is charmingly different and easy:

1-Collect the book that you have most handy

2-Turn to page 161

3-Find the 5th complete sentence

4-Cite the sentence on your blog

5-Pass it on to five other blogger friends

So, on the chair next to the computer is that Vintage Blogger's Favourite, 'I Capture the Castle', by Dodie Smith. I've borrowed it from my mum - this is the first time I've read it!
The sentence is:
'He did a cautious dive - and came up looking a very surprised man.'
As I'm only on page 31, I don't know who we're talking about here, but I'll find out in good time...
I'm going to pass this tag on to the first five commenters on my last post:
The Curious Cat


Cal said...

I love the spot the difference pics Floss. Very inventive and son 2 obviously had a lot of fun with this one!

Thanks for the tag. Your sentence sounds intriguing. Maybe we should all do a cautious dive sometimes - I'm sure we'd all be surprised too.
Cal x

Lululiz said...

There is a difference between those two pics? Really? Should I be changing my glasses, cos I can't see a difference, nope, can't.

Tagged again, lol, and this is going to be difficult, lol, because my desk is in front of a huge bookshelf, with, errrm, a few hundred paperpacks, but the book closest to the monitor is......... teeheee, you will have to go to my blog tomorrow to find out.

Michela said...

Thank you once again for the tag!
Such lovely memories of your honeymoon!
P.S. you look more like a Spanish Flamenco dancer than a French Midi-Pyrénéés woman! ;-)

The Curious Cat said...

Oh no - that is awful that you can't see these clips - can you access YouTube? Go there and type in 'Simon's Cat' and watch all the cartoon videos and 'Mike Oldfield Islands' - that should do the trick...hopefully!

Thanks for tagging me...time to do the same and pass it on! Might leave it till over the weekend when I write up a new entry about my cousin's wedding - but I have my sentence at the ready! :) xxx

PS That is amazing that you used to live in the Lake District - how lucky and how beautiful! Not many people end up living where they go on honeymoon!

Shabby Chick said...

Um, is the real you the top one? ;)

Love the yellow beetle!

Can I be really nosey and ask what the other book is? I'm always on the look out to increase my wishlist of homes books!

I've got the Fleamarket Style address book and did have the notelets, they had some nice pics but I'm not sure if the whole book would be my sort of thing. Bazaar Style looks like a good book though!

Mel xxx

Michela said...

Cucù! C'est moi!
I've just tagged my 5 victims!
Bonne soirée!

Shabby Chick said...

Oh thanks v much for that, I will have a look at her blog. I had a flick through the Bazaar Style book quickly in Waterstones the other day and it was my second choice so might be the next one I go for!

Mel xxx

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness Floss!!! You nearly made me wet my knickers! You guys are so funny. I did a pretty good job of you, didn't I? Your son does realise that photo of him is on the internet doesn't he?!! Too funny!

Now that book sounds a little saucy doesn't it? What could he have seen? A mermaid perhaps? Perhaps you could let us know when you get to that part.

summerfete said...

thanks for the tag Floss

nice sentence!!


Anonymous said...

I love that book! You should watch the film after you have read the book, not as good as the book, but still good. xxx

Olga said...

Oh, that beetle honeymoon must have been really really romantic. Lovely pictures from what seems to have been not so long ago :)
That book tagging seems fun!