Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I love a challenge!

Kristi, over at Vintage Window, who makes wonderful painted floor cloths, has taken up a challenge to 'define your style by posting a single photo'. She then challenges her readers to do the same. Here is mine!My mum gave me this superb book for Christmas (and given that she'd been ill and not up to shopping, it was an incredibly inspired choice). Once I opened the book and saw this photo on the frontespiece, I knew it was for me - although I have varied styles, I think this first photo sums everything up. How to define it? Handcrafted wonders from across time and around the world , with an emphasis on white, blue and the odd bright colour? That might do...

Thanks for the challenge, Kris - it was fun! Who wants to take up the challenge now..? Let me and Kris know if you do, please!


Kris said...

Thanks so much for particpating in the challenge. Flea market style is also one of my favorites. The photo you showed is lovely. I like how the small dose of bold colors pop against the white. Your definition was spot on.


marble rose said...

Ooh that looks a great book - so I went straight to Amazon and just wanted to check I have the right one? Is the author Emily Chalmers? Lovely Blog btw - thank you x

Anonymous said...

You have a very beautiful style.
That's such a good idea, but as you say challenging!
Thank you for your lovely comment. I've added you to my list too

Sarah said...

Hello again, thanks for visiting me. I didn't put anything on the soles of my slippers as we have carpet. I would imagine that a piece of leather punched around the edges first, then stitched on would be great though. By the way I love your bag!

Laura said...

Hi Floss!
I love your choice! It has such a happy and youthful feel to it as well as the warmth and uniqueness of all things handmade. Thank you for sharing it with me! I am happy to meet you and have you as a new blogging friend. Have fun at all the brocantes over there! Will chat again soon. Be well, Laura at 52FLEA