Saturday, May 9, 2009

French Couture, 1899

The boys and I took a quick trip out to a special holiday Vide Greniers yesterday. The rain more or less held off, and Son 1 bought an entertaining bingo game while Son 2 added to his Transformers collection. I confirmed the suspicion which was forming after my last Vide Greniers trip: the French currently don't value the paper ephemera of their own past....17 euros for all this lot - 15 euros for a bulk-buy of fashion supliments from 1899, and 3 euros for a school book and a photo.
So, I have found something worth collecting - easily availably, absolutely adorable, and under-valued by the sellers!Inside each suppliment are many, many sewing, embroidery and decorative projects and patterns.
Here's a print which made me think of Ashely, of Peacocks and Dragonflies! This is a pattern for decorating a cot cover. Another set in my 'job-lot' contains many embroidery alphabets.Anyone for hair dye? Hair removal? Or diagnosis of skin complaints? I am going to have to study these papers really well - there is so much in them!Each suppliment has a rebus - I never quite knew what a rebus was; I knew it was a puzzle, but here you are, it's one of those games where pictures, when read out loud, add up to make a word. How's your French?
The star of the show? This is clearly a signed photo from a theatre. I am going to have to look her up - a singer or an actress, do you think?The rest of the day was rather rainy, and lots of jigsaws were done, in addition to the bingo games once we got back from the Vide Greniers. I just loved the compostition of this violet and green jigsaw along with the purple flowers and green pattern on the oilcloth.
So today, I was off to la Poste with Sharon's Freestyle Swap parcel, and thence on to Intermarché, our nearby supermarket. I felt so totally un-French cycling off, all in pink (the pink fleece was a mistake with the pink flowered skirt, I admit, so I hauled it off when I arrived at the post office). The French are so wedded to black.I was quite amused when I opened up my pink, green and blue handbag at the supermarket, to bring out my pink flowered carrier bag (to match the skirt) and the lovely blue carrier (to match the T-shirt).I love living in France, but I have to be grateful that they don't judge my colourful couture by French standards!
And finally (Trevor Macdonald not forgotten here), Ben came back from Switzerland with these two lovely Swiss cheeses. Yummy weekend...


Elizabethd said...

We have often found very interesting, and cheap, books from long ago, on market stalls. My husband collected many of their agricultural ones from the turn of the Century, and found so many fascinating photos.

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

What wonderful finds, what a treasure uncovered for such a great price!! How fascinating it must be to go through those!

Last month, I purchased a Ladies Home Journal issue from 1901 and I could look at it forever -- some things were still shockingly similar to today's world!!

That Swiss cheese looks fantastic!

Country Cottage Chic said...

What fabulous treasures! I often end up buying boxes of ephemera at auctions as nobody else wants it & I feel that I have to save it!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great treasures and sounds like you had a good shopping day. Like your handbag.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

What a lot of treasures you found for a song. The cheese looks delicious, think I'd better get some breakfast. Happy Weekend!

Melanie said...

Great post, lovely piccies, enjoy your gardening today Floss.xxxx

Jeannette said...

You always find the most amazing thing! You lucky girl!!
Have a great weekend, Jeannette

claire said...

I love seeing what you find :) You find the most fabulous things.
we will be in Normandy in August and I am planning on finding out in advance of any close by flea markets!!!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Great finds! I love that embroidery!

Terry said...

What an amazing collection of treasures you have found .
I a can hardly believe the prices.
You really did well.
Thank you so very much for sharing them .
The pictures were all so much fun.
have a happy weekend.

Olga said...

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Ashley said...

Love the dragonfly print, as I am sure you know. I also love the photograph of the actress.