Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bits and bobs...

Ben has the camera today, so I haven't yet been able to take photos for you of:

Our spring garden in the sunshine,
The first magnolia flower!
Our first EVER flower buds on the camelia (the camelia was a gift from our friend Dagmar, and she's coming over on Sunday, so I really hope it will be in bloom by then...)
Some crafty (crafting?) finds from LIDL.
Instead, I have spent half an hour in the rocking chair on the patio in the sunshine, reading...
Da, da, da...
BBC Good Homes magazine!
This may not sound like much to you, but for someone who lives in a non-English-speaking country, an up-to-date English magazine is a bit of a thrill! I find that, if I buy a magazine in France, I tend to go for ones which were actually printed in Germany - I guess my taste is more in line with German bucolic colour than with French monochromatic chic.

Anyway, Ben got me the wonderful mag at Gatwick yesterday, as he had to pop over to Kent for work (it's a small world, to be able to do that in one day). Many, many thanks to him...
In it I found something I'd already seen on someone's blog:

These fantastic vintage fabric door stopper chickens! They're spring-like, they're vintage, they're environmentally friendly, they fulfil a practical function... one of those 'what's not to like?' moments. They come from ECOutlet, which has an interesting website; just click on the name for the link.

There must a be a joke about three chickens, but I can't think of one. Any suggestions welcome below... Have a lovely day!


Elizabethd said...

I saw the chickens too but cant remmber where! They are fun arent they.
did you mention sunshine?? Not in Brittany sadly.
Hope to hear from you sometime. E mail link is on profile.

Shabby Chick said...

Awww I love the chicken! My mum just bought a pattern to make them off ebay... cost her £11... turned out to be a page from a magazine!!! Sounds like you have lots of nice things happening in the garden :)

Mel xxx

Flossie and Tom said...

Would love to her what crafting craftiness you got from Lidl.

Glad you got magazine - if any time you are craving for a UK mag - I would be happy to do a magazine swap with you - I love French craft mags


juanitatortilla said...

Oh! What cute chickens!

Oh yes, what I would do to get hold of a decent English magazine here...

juanitatortilla said...

BTW, Thank you for the recipe for chard!
The steps are clear, and I can picture them in my head as I was reading them :)

Might have to give it a go when I do get myself another bunch of Swiss Chard :)