Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coming this week...

I've discovered a lovely idea in blogging - the inspirational creator of The Little Red Hen has instigated a Colour Week, and invited bloggers to join in with colour-themed posts of their own. As you can see, I've missed the first rainbow, but I get a second go next Sunday, so that's OK. I also missed red but I'm gearing up for a great splash of orange (see below for ideas) later today. The full week will go as follows:

Sunday- rainbow of color
Monday - red
Tuesday - orange
Wednesday - yellow
Thursday - green
Friday - blue
Saturday - violet
Sunday - finish it all off with another rainbow of color.

If you click on the link above you can scroll down to a list of all the other bloggers who are taking part, and have a wonderful colourful week!

I'm looking forward to Friday, personally.

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