Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shopping and Winning - Floralys Part 2

Having been to Floralys yesterday and (briefly) today, our patios are rather strewn with plants in pots and plastic bags. Here are some climbers, tied onto the shelves to stop them blowing over (again). And here's an unusual looking honeysuckle:A quick look inside will show you Son 2's collection of minerals:
And a smaller set from Son 1 (who's currently paying me back for a Gameboy game he bought!).
Last Floralys Son 1 bought an unknown flower which thrived in our garden: it turned out to be a gazania so I've bought three more in various colours this year. Penny adores our magnolia, so we picked up an identical little one for her this year:
And we bought a tombola ticket each. Last year we swept the board - every ticket a winner. This year we had three of these: But finally, one of these! I won this great bush. Could it be a skimmia, in English? Is that how you spell it?
It came from a lovely garden we've visited twice with the grandparents:
Here's a detail of the flower:And finally, while I was out this afternoon, Ben spent quite some time fixing up this chandelier I bought cheaply the other day. If you're in two minds about how much you like it, so am I! I've been searching for a chandelier which takes a long life, environmentally friendly bulb, and this is the first affordable one I've seen. I'm planning to look out for clear glass lustres at Vide Greniers etc, until I have enough to replace the coloured ones. But I like the colours well enough for now!And of course, the boys think it's great!


Sal said...

Who needs flowers with a chandelier like that!!
I love it! ;-)

juanitatortilla said...

I LOVE HOW COLOURFUL the chandelier is!!!
Sorry for screaming, but, I just had to :D