Monday, March 2, 2009

Making sense of a vintage Singer

You may have gathered from a previous post that I treat my sewing machine more as a pretty accessory than as a tool! Frankly, I've had so many bad sewing machine experiences, and I love hand sewing so much, that I haven't used my Grandmother's old Singer for about 10 years. I find my mother's machine from th '70s even more terrifying, so it was to the Singer that I turned yesterday...
But here is the proof that I have conquered my fears, read the sweet instruction book carefully for the first time, and made a tentative but fairly encouraging start. Cushion covers for the rocking chair, here we come!


Sal said...

I used my Grandma's Singer sewing machine, for years, too!
I doubt I made such wonderful things as she did but I used to make all my own clothes when I was very young!
Apparently, my Great Grandma was a very good seamstress.

Floss said...

Well, it's clearly running in the family!