Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rocking Chair Decisions (or lack of them)

When Ben was out buying our second-hand swimming pool last Saturday, I asked him to have a look at the 'rotin' rocking chair which was advertised for sale by the same family. I had searched through my mental vocabulary list and realised that 'rotin' means 'rattan', so I could more-or-less visualise the chair - one for the patio in summer, I felt.

Ben bought the chair for me, even though it wasn't quite what he'd visualised! (He was being kind to the vendors, see below.)

It's a lovely chair, and I'm terribly grateful for it. It became a second Valentine's Day gift, really! However, the 'comme neuf' cushion cover was far from as new, and I've temporarily replaced it in this photo with two random cushions. The cushion pads will do fine but the decision I cannot make is what to cover them with!

The vague plan is to make the cusions double-sided, with denim on one side (from a much-loved but now defunct skirt) and SOMETHING on the other side. That way I can change the look as often as I like.

I've had fabrics out, and even got them as far as the ironing board, but cannot come to any proper decision. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, please...

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juanitatortilla said...

Hi, just wondering if there has been work done on these cushions thus far?
I don't have any ideas at the tip of my fingers, for the moment, as I seem to have been distracted by that really lovely violet patchwork...