Friday, February 20, 2009


Last week Son 1 and I were searching for some 'jewels' to add to a 'Celtic Goblet' he had thought of making. I opened an old Quality Street tin, which held some of the beads I'd collected in my teens:

Don't you think the combination of 'treasures' is amazing? He was immediately drawn to a red plastic dog bead and the diamantee, but I'm afraid I kept the diamantee strips for myself! What do you imagine they came from?

Also in the tin were African glass beads, sequins, plastic 'Hamma' beads, carved wooden ones, pieces of abalone shell and the tiny red tin which held vitamins long before I was born. We love opening up boxes of treasures like that!

Some more treasured memories from today: Son 2 'walking on the moon' in some sort of clever contraption which gives you the feeling of reduced gravity.

Son number 1 doing the same thing - he was only half a kilo too light to try the really big 'moon jump' experience, but he took the disappointment quite well...

And here are both boys setting off a water rocket.
This is all at Toulouse's 'Space City', which is the French Space Museum/Activity Centre. It's a wonderful place and we've renewed our annual family pass once again. It also happens to be about 10 minutes drive from our new church, and open on Sundays...

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