Saturday, February 21, 2009


I opened up my Grandma's old black and gold Singer sewing machine today and found this tiny text inside its box:

It's about the size of a large stamp. I've stuck it in my bedroom with my other inspirational cards, including pictures of blossom and words from the Bible, Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Calvin and others.

Next to the set of inspirational cards is this eclectic mixture hanging from our low beam: a wire and bead heart, a Valentine's card from a few years ago and a Fu Dog puppet I bought in the school Vide Greniers last year.


Sal said...

How fascinating!
There must be lots of little treasures like that, tucked away in small places!

Floss said...

And isn't it amazing that I've had and used that sewing machine on and off over about 20 years, with barely any memory of the little text!

My Grandma was a preacher with the Welsh Calvinist church when she was in her 20s.