Monday, February 16, 2009

Crazy Patchwork

Well, I've just read on a lovely blog I've found (Sal's Snippets, see my blog list) that 'everyone is doing crazy patchwork'. I don't know if I'm glad to be part of 'everyone' for once, or annoyed that I had an idea that apparently isn't unique after all. For me and our younger boy, it started in the autumn, with a great second-hand book I'd picked up years ago and never used. We decided it was time to use the wackier fabrics in my collection to make a completely OTT cushion. We did:

In the photo you can see him working on a piece of starry pyjamas which he inherited from his brother which were, before that, worn by two older friends. Also visible are a piece of 19th century eastern European embroidery, the lacy hem of a girl's dress, several bits of ethnic skirts I wore in the '80s and a beautiful tie-died circle from a baby suit the boys were given from Thailand (thanks, Anna!).
The cushion has been finished for months and, to be honest, isn't holding up too well on the sofa. I think that little fingers can't resist fiddling with the treasures... But we still loved making it together.

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Sal said...

Hi there..I'm just finding the time to visit you and read your very interesting blog! Lovely to see children crafting too!;-)