Monday, February 16, 2009

A bit of Make Do and Mend

I saw a wonderful denim/floral patchwork bag in Claire's Accessories the other day (of all places). Son number one, who was with me, said dubiously, 'It's very Mummy'. However, I wasn't going to pay the asking price, oh no! It was one of those 'I could do that myself' moments.

So far I have decided to use this little broken Roxy bag as a base. I looked at handbag patterns on the net but I'm not feeling like starting from scratch. I'm feeling exactly like 'make do and mend', so that is what I shall do.

I've drawn around the bag and cut out a pattern onto which I've pinned the pieces - it's a bit like crazy patchwork but with hems.

Now I have to start stitching, which shouldn't take too long. The real challenge will be fitting it round the base-bag. I will let you know if it works...

I've been very inspired in this by Happy of the great blog This is the first time that I've posted a link, so I hope it works! You'll really like her wonderful ideas and creations.

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Sal said...

I love visiting Happy's blog too!
Looks as if you have been busy! ;-)