Friday, September 7, 2012

Red and White Rentrée Giveaway!

The boys are safely into the first weekend of the rentrée - Son 2 is sleeping over at a friend's, and Son 1 is taking some time out on his Lord of the Rings computer game (Saruman sounds angry...)! I've had a lesson cancellation so I'm taking the time to offer you the 2012 Rentrée Giveaway - a red and white collection of fabulous French fun:
We're looking at something old, something new, something thrifted and everything... RED, here! But before I tell you about each of the four items, I'm going to list my Rentrée Resolutions. In France people make more resolutions in September than in January. This is the time, after all, to take up a new hobby, with all the clubs re-starting.
My resolutions for this year are as follows:

Make more time for other people - get actively and consistently involved with friends, groups and wider family (more on this later).
Use my pedometer to make sure I walk at least 15,000 steps per day (easier on some days than on others, with teaching).
Continue to enjoy life to the full (last year's resolution - TBC...)
Continue to do those exercises (last year's resolution - really paying off!)
So, as you see, my giveaway gifts for you are the 'Cult Recipes' book for Bon Maman jam - you can work most of them out even if you don't read French, and you can use other jam if you make your own/buy other brands - the recipes really look fun and I think I might just pop back and buy a copy for myself!
The recipes prompted my colour theme, and in addition to this book, you'll have seen the postcard with the red and white stamp, the initials tape and the bridge-themed shelf-edging - all of them vintage French finds from Vide Greniers in the region. If you search for them on my blog you'll find the original posts about them!
These gifts are small and light, and I will post them anywhere in the world. To enter, please just leave a comment, and if you'd like to tell me about one of your own resolutions, I'd be really interested, but that's optional. Becoming a follower and putting a link to my giveaway on your own blog are also optional - please feel free, but it's not a requirement! I'll draw the giveaway next Friday, and very best of red and white luck to you all!



Betty said...

Well Floss the book does look very desirable and all the more so for being French! What a lovely giveaway. My resolution is to paint more from Monday when the boys are back in school/college. Betty

VintageVicki said...

I've been inspired by your Rentree resolutions and agree it seems better now than in January.

So far I plan to be more organised, eat more heathily and exercise more - one week in and I've stuck to it!!

First week back has gone well for Little Son - he happy with his option choices & class mates :)

Faye said...

What a lovely selection! I actually made a resolutio on September 1st! I am trying to increase my press ups to 50 by the end of the month (I don't like my arms so thought this might help) and then to continue to do them after that! I also bought a leather journal so I could write in there all the fun things I do, I seem to be doing lots recently and don't want to forget it all!

Elizabethd said...

Lovely French giveaway. I won't enter, thank you. I'm still trying to find places for half the things we brought back!

Gill said...

What a lovely giveaway! and my favourite colour combination too!

Sarah said...

Hi Floss, what a lovely collection for the Rentrée.
As I've started a new school, my resolution is to try something new in my teaching each week. (This week was introducing SOLO taxonomy as a way of thinking about learning.). I'm also trying to be organised and still make time for my family and friends, but I don't know whether I'll manage that as an NQT, so it's not a resolution!

Angela said...

What a beautiful book! I am resolving to get back to some serious weight loss - I did SO well last summer, and have not put any weight on...but still not at my original target.

Despite that, I'd still enjoy baking treats for others from the BM book!

blessings xx

Lola Nova said...

Oh I love red and white! I think your resolutions are quite good ones and should follow in your footsteps.

Also having a little giveaway on my blog as well!


love you to pieces said...

what a wonderful give away would love it all. Love your blog too..

Lululiz said...

You sure know how to make my mouth water, Floss! Just looking at the couple of pages from the book had me drooling. And the beautiful card, shelf trim and initials tape, just wonderful and so desirable.
Resolutions, oh my, I do make them and usually break them fairly quickly. One thing I really really would like to do is draw myself up a timetable for cleaning the house, because I am so good at finding a million other (crafty) things to do, and I need a schedule, lol. I need to stick to schedule. but I think I am a hopeless case.

Freddie said...

My resolution for this rentrée is to relax a bit more. I've had a very relaxing time this summer and I will try to keep the feeling going... I will be starting my job hunting and I can't think of anything more stressful so it will be a challenge! Thank you for your lovely blog, I really enjoyed the bit about French schools it reminded me of my school years in France. And thanks for arranging another lovely giveaway x

Frances said...

I do like the idea of rentree resolutions. September is also my birth month, so that also makes this a good time of the year to re-evaluate patterns and perhaps try to reshape some habits.

I'm hoping to find more painting time, seeing friends time and outdoor time.

Best wishes to you!

Fat Dormouse said...

I think my resolution is to comment more on people's blogs. I "lurk" a lot, but rarely comment, because I always sound so banal...but I know how much I love getting comments, so I shall try to comment more.

And, inspired by the Hairy Bikers' success losing weight, I shall be buying their book and trying to lose weight...So, dear Floss, IF I was lucky enough to be chosen, I'd like you to send the book to somebody else, and just send me the non-edible delights!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

hello Floss - lovely lovely giveaway, please count me in. We also tend to make more 'plans' in September (must be my french heritage!!!) and a big one this one is about work/life balance. I know - it's almost as boring as diets, but probably more important..fee x

Linda said...

Hello love the Blog
This is always my favourite time of the year and for me always the start of a "new year " after the summer
my resolution is to do my " send a friend a post card week " more often
It is lovely to get something in the post
Soo I am wishing to be chosen

Serenata said...

Just written a blog post about this and my resolutions for this year...I think I failed badly last year!

magsmcc said...

Well here's my comment and sort of my resoltion. At the start of the summer, PC and I decided we would use Sunday nights to pray exclusively for our boys. We did it once! But last week we got ourselves back on track and I have also left my devotional book at the top of the bedside reading pile and am trying to be faithful with it and to Him. So my resolution is really the quote that is too long for here, but I'll be hopefully putting it on fraise's sidebar. It's about guarding about hurriedness really. In a busy year ahead I think that would be lovely.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Quite repetitive...losing weight!!! Have already started by eating an healthy veggie soup last night..and have already commited a sin by having a croissant filled with Nutella this morning :)
I'll try to leave more comments on blogs, it helps me to improve my English, reading is not enough..btw is the magazine swap in your plans this Autumn? :)

Nina said...

Oh what a wonderful giveaway, I would like very much to take part.
My resolution is to practise the guitar more often.
Sending warm greetings from Helsinki to my dear Floss.

The Custards said...

Hello again - what a lovely idea to have resolutions now rather than in the depths of winter gloom! I resolve to do less I think - stop trying to cram too much into one day as though it were my last..difficult to do in reality but will try harder to do less. Best wishes from across La Manche xxxxxxx

Sue said...

What a lovely giveaway, I love the red and white theme. I have a few French cookery books now and enjoy the challenge of translation along with the fun of coooking.

The French do come up with good ideas, like the Rentrée resolutions, a far better time of year than in the depths of Winter. As to my resolutions, definitely to exercise more, and to clear clutter, but also to blog more frequently as I have definitely not managed this as often as I would like.

Vintage Jane said...

Hi Floss - we have just come back from France (the first time for me apart from working in Paris at airshows for brief stints) and I am totally in love! One resolution is to return very soon ... M x