Friday, September 14, 2012

Red and White holiday... Red and White Giveaway!

I'm ready to draw the result of my Red and White Rentrée Giveaway - thank you so much for your entries, and particularly for your interesting comments and resolutions. Nothing wrong with any of them, although some of you feel they are rather humble! Humble ones are probably the most sensible, actually...
Anyway, I decided to look for some photos taken over the holidays, which are (more or less) in keeping with the red and white theme. Firstly, the hemp sheets are doing a wonderful job on our sofa - nothing clever in the way of stitching, just acting as a base for whatever crochet throw I put over it, and wonderfully forgiving of dog and boy maltreatment.
One of the guilty parties, photographed by another (her master)! She's getting old and slowing down a bit, but as adoring as ever...
The ancient red walls of Herculaneum.
Mosaic floors in the same town.
Wall paintings which have survived nearly 2000 years.
A Roman feast, cooked for us according to delicious ancient recipes, by Son 1!
And back nearer to home, a house near last weekend's Vide Grenier.
Finally, the winner of my Red and White Rentrée Giveaway is:

Magsmcc, from Fraise Lachrymose! Oh, well done, Mags! She's a French teacher, you know, so she will really know what she's doing with the recipe book! I suspect I already have your address, Mags, but could you just email it to me again, please...

Those cheery Willows who helped me through the Rentrée are now on their way to Australia - I'll put up a link to their arrival when they touchdown!


Angela said...

Oh well done Mags - having recently enjoyed a number of Glorious Meals Chez Fraise Lachrymose, I can guarantee she will make excellent use of her prize and turn out some fabulous feasts for her little strawberries.
blessings xx

Betty said...

congratulations mags.

magsmcc said...

Oh here, girls! Just in and checked email first- and there was Ang congratulating me for winning Floss' giveaway so thought I should head straight over pour que je puisse te remercier mille fois!! I am very excited, and deeply grateful! Does this mean that I have to produce evidence of having kept my rentree resolutions? Bon voyage to the Willows! Goodness, Pom Pom, they'll be home before you know it! Am ignoring Ang's comments on my culinary ability. Don't know what house she was thinking of! Can't think of anyone who needs a cookery book more than me- well done, Floss! Merci, merci, merci beaucoup!

Fat Dormouse said...

Well done mags!!! Does happy dance for you.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Looking at your son's eggs from Roman times reminds me of Supersizers Go (tv series) on Roman foods. It is a good watch if you have not yet seen it.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Congrats to Mags!
How clever you son!

Nina said...

Well done mags!
floos, my dear, you were a bit too fast for me;) you have received an acknowledgment on my blog. You need not do anythiung, if you wish you can pass it on.
You see, I wrote the post and then added the blogs I wanted to forward the acknowledgment to. But then I received a phonecall, decided to publish and add the resting blogs on later...and in the meantime you had already seen my blogpost and commented!!! But, I have now added you and few others.
Thank you for beeing such a supportive blogfriend dear Floss.
Warm regards, Nina

Maria said...

Hello floss,
Congrats to the winner of this lovely give away..
I am just catching up with postings as been away on a adventure my self!
But I just wanted to send you kind thoughts and hope all is well too (post from Sept 8th)Just give your self time to be, rather than do!
Take care Maria x