Friday, September 28, 2012


In the garden...
In the nesting box:
At work and at play!
One thing I haven't done is organise the Thrill of What You Already Have event for the last two months - very sorry! October's should be with you very soon. Another thing I can do for you RIGHT NOW is tell you that those wandering Willows are currently sunning themselves with Quilter Liz in Australia! Do pop over and see them here, at My Blog, from this Aussie Girl. Have a great weekend, and I'll be back in early October with Thrills and more..!


A garden just outside Venice said...

I was invited to your blog by that scrumptuos display of grapes, they remind me of the vineyard we had until a few years ago. The grape harvest (also "vintage"!) was such a feast, relatives and neighbours came to help us, our hands got all purple and our feet green :)
Have a lovely weekend.

VintageVicki said...

Grapes from the garden - how wonderful :) and hurrah for the eggs too :)

Have a great weekend xx

Deborah said...

Wonderful grapes, they look so tasty! have a happy weekend sweetie

Bee happy x

Sherri B. said...

I am envious of your beautiful grapes..we have been waiting and waiting for ours to produce. No luck this year as we have troops of bunnies that take nourishment in our yard.

If you don't know already, our friend Lola Nova is going to London. She just posted about it and asked for help finding places to visit. I told her I thought you would have good suggestions! Yeah for her.

polkadotpeticoat said...

Your grapes look divine......Enjoy the weekend, i'm in bed with the flu....ick!

Lola Nova said...

What good things from the garden!

I so enjoyed your post on the "heros" in your hen house! So glad to hear she's on the mend!


Beck said...

Hey gorgeous! Sorry I didn't get back to you re your chook, is she ok now? I read some of the advice and it sounded like you had a great response! Isn't the blog world amazing? Hope all is well with you and the boys, I'm going to try and be better at keeping up with my favourite blogs so I'll see you soon xo

helen tilston said...

Hello Floss

Harvest if plentiful in your area an those grapes and eggs delight the eye

Have a glorious weekend

Helen xx

Angela said...

thanks for the Thrilling Update!
Oh those grapes, reminded me of the passage about Joshua & co in Numbers 13!
Have a great weekend x