Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morning Glories from Blogland

"Morning Glories climb my wall
with soft green hands,
And never fall." That's a little rhyme I remember from a childhood book. These morning glories are on our rustic fence, and were grown from seeds sent to me by Lululiz!
She also sent me the seeds for these wondeful soft blue sweetpeas. Thanks, Liz!
These are Scottish wildflowers from an incredibly successful seed mix that my parents gave the boys.

The veg garden is very productive too - the other day Son 2 and I used garden produce to make his favourite, carrot cake, and decorated it with a real baby carrot too!


Sarah said...

Aren't your morning glories the most amazing colour? The sweet peas are very pretty too. I love packets of mixes seeds as you never know what to expect. The red poppy looks lovely.

Carrot cakes are such lovely cakes to eat. I haven't ever made one as my crew aren't into vegetables in their cakes but I sure would love one. Cute carrot!

Hannah VanderHart said...

Aw, my mom always grows morning glories from seeds! she has these huge white and blue ones...I should ask her their name. I'm so impressed at your blooms completely "from the ground up!" I've relied on garden center blooms this year...that's the urban life, for you!

And the carrot cake looks beyond delicious!

Sherri B. said...

Morning glories from seed? I know you can buy them but in our neck of the woods, everyone around me said bad words if they saw the invasive vine. Yours are beautiful and now I can see why the seed catalogs always offer them...Love the carrot cake with the little carrot on the top. So nice to see that the young men are still stiring up the goodness.

Val said...

Don't you just love the name Morning Glories, I think I will have to say it again ..... more slowly ..... rounding each sound ..... are you ready .....
M O R N I N G G L O R I E S, it just reminds me of In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth ......
Thank you for showing me your Morning Glories today :0)
Val <><

Serenata said...

They are gorgeous - how special that they are from seeds that you have been given.

I love carrot cake! :-)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Loving the flowers... maybe they'll self seed and pop up again next year too... that cake looks scrumptious.. any left? lol

x Alex

Green thumb said...

Hello Floss! Your garden is looking lovely! I had some Morning Glory seeds from Liz too, they came with the magazines she sent me for your swap.
Glad to read in one of your previous posts that your dear mum is feeling better, that's a great news!