Friday, August 6, 2010

Bloggers' Tents

We've had our tent since Son 2 was old enough not to wander off and get lost every two minutes i.e. since he was three, I think. It's still doing very well and we're awfully pleased with it. Look who else has got one! Vicki posted this photo - her family has the 8-person Coleman tent you can see in this picture, and Dawn's family is camping next to them in a Coleman 6-sleeper. I know that vintage caravans are the object of desire for bloggers, but perhaps a Coleman tent is becoming just a little of a theme, too.
They don't make the blue and green ones we all own any more. Now you can buy this whopper (for 10 people!!!!) on the Coleman website. But Vicki got hers on ebay so she's clearly the winner of the thrifty blogger prize.

We were living in Harrogate when we bought ours all those years ago, and in that wealthy part of Yorkshire the tent looked quite appropriate. When we camped in the more egalitarian Lake District, however, we felt quite embarassed by the size and swank of the new tent! Other people were there in their old canvas tents, or borrowed ones... It was the same with the car we bought whilst we were there - somehow you get tied up in a materialistic way of living very easily, even when you consider yourselves to be quite against it. Anyway, now the tent is a bit older and looks perfectly good in any company. It would be fun to have it keep company with Vicki's and Dawn's one day!


TheMadHouse said...

We have a tent but not a coleman I am afriad

magsmcc said...

Our Vango looks very like yours and has been going four years exactly since suns were 3 and 1. It does 2-3 trips per summer and we love it enormously! I have a little post on it a few posts back, and there will be moe fwhen we return from Kilkenny Arts Week! Bonne fin de vacances a toutes!

Lorrie said...

We have a tent but I don't think I have any photos of it. Maybe we'll have to plan a camping weekend instead of continually renovating!

Sarah said...

We bought a new Vango tent last year, it would probably sleep 5 happily but we do very well with two in it. It's big enough to cope with us rattling around in it when it pours with rain!

This week it's off to Soul Survivor, praying for reasonable sunshine and not too much mud. Camping in the rain is fine, but 10,000 teenagers makes for one big mud bath.

Serenata said...

I bought an old second hand tent years ago when I was home educating DS1 - we haven't used it since those days as sadly hubby isn't a camper. So goodness knows what state it is in now!