Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rainbow gratitude...

Would you like a peek inside yesterday's vintage fabric boxes? This one houses white(ish) stuff that I'm prepared to use (i.e. not my lace collection).

Following that we get onto (roughly) the colours of the rainbow:There's nothing to say about what's inside - you can see it yourself! So I'm just going to list a few things I'm grateful for:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - the film, shared with a temporarily out-of-action 14 year old.Doctors who phone in their lunch-hour to confirm that a swollen knee and pins-and-needles in the foot is OK.Paracetamol.


Ice-blocks.Hoovered floors and cleaned bathrooms - my mental energy is returning!Toasted sandwiches for two at lunch.Simon Schama's History of Britian on DVDs - Son 2 (yes, the young scatty one, not the older intellectual) captivated by seeing how his own heritage fits in to what he's learning at school in France. He can't WAIT for the Hundred Years War!

A new dishwasher - this one actually cleans things and genuinely uses the amount of energy it promises!A digital piano - Ben's big splash-out in the sales, to replace the falling-apart-and-Son-2-and-the-piano-teacher-refuse-to-play-it-any more old one.So I think that list took me from current medical issues to the slightly bigger picture! That was the aim of the exercise, I suppose... Thanks for joining me on it - feel free to comment on the pictures or the text!


Alix said...

Oh gulp! What gorgeous boxes! Especially the first two! What a pretty way to have all the bits of haberdashery neatly organised. Hope your son's knee gets better really quickly.

Elizabethd said...

Your list`of medications was written with feeling!

Pomona said...

I enjoyed the comments about the battle of Agincourt made in the sound and light show at the museum there. All depends on which side of the Channel you are standing!! And thank goodness for modern medicine and modern technology - hope things continue to improve.

Pomona x

Squirrelhaus said...

I love your collection of boxes!!!! Wishing you continued improvement!!!
Chris :o)

Betty said...

Lovely thoughts Floss. You know, I also think that all us mums would add 'gratitude for being needed'

Anonymous said...

These are lovely boxes! Hope that your son is feeling better soon.

Angela said...

Lovely boxes!
We adored the Agincourt Museum, and were greatly amused by the information board declaring that the French panels were not exact translations of the English ones! [don't they know we won??]
Modern Painkillers are indeed a real blessing.
hugs and blessings xx

Carolyn Phillips said...

A gratitude list is always a good idea and this one is from the heart. Love your rainbow box fulls as well, makes me want to play.

knitandmake.blogspot.com said...

Gorgeous boxes.