Monday, January 30, 2012

Mmm, textures!

The juxtapositions idea is still really holding my interest - I took these photos a while ago after I'd sorted buttons and ribbons into boxes, and now this detail of two vintage, handmade pincushions and the little vintage needle case, placed on three different wooden boxes, is really satisfying me! If I turn round I can see the real thing - it's the stack of boxes on the shelf at the top of the stairs. The wooden boxes currently contain my button collection - it's not that easy to slip the odd button into the stacked boxes, but I think the look is currently worth the effort, and I'll change it again once I get fed up with it - playing with the collection of buttons and boxes is half the fun!

I took the buttons out of my fabric boxes, as they were rather heavy and endangering some of the cardboard-based box bases. Now the fabric boxes are holding ribbons, binding etc, colour-coded according to the box! I did this earlier in January and so far the system is working well - when I needed some black binding I found it quickly in the third box down on the left, for example. (It was for mending Son 1's trousers, which have all got beaten up by cycling - but not on the chain side, for some reason!)Of course Son 1 won't be cycling, or even wearing long trousers, for a while. He's currently trapped on the sofa, wearing a leg-brace, following his second knee operation. Thanks so much for your kind words both before and after the op. Everything went so well, and everyone - hospital staff, friends and above all Ben, were so helpful. But for me today has still been a day of feeling a bit low and fighting off the desire to cry at times - it's just an emotional business, supporting your child through an operation. Despite this, thinking of the alternatives - living in an under-developed country, or living in a wealthy country but not having good insurance - make me realise we are really blessed. And looking at pretty boxes helps too ;)


June said...

Hope your son is much better soon! I know what you mean about a child being ill - I prefer to be ill myself than have a child be ill! The only good thing is that children seem to recover so much quicker than adults! Love those fabric boxes. Take care!

Lola Nova said...

Oh, I adore wooden boxes, yours look wonderful!

Speedy recovery to your son. I have had one of those emotional days recently concerning my own child. Even though you know it is ok, and that you are blessed, dealing with the trauma of childhood injury or difficulty is enough to set a mama to tears.

Hugs to you!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

What a beautiful collection, you really have some lovely lovely things.

I'm sorry to hear your son needed an op, glad he's on the mend though. x

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Dear Floss -

I have been having a long overdue catch up on your posts - loved Christmas at your dads, it must have been a very special time for you all. The post about the move to France was very moving to read, and the words about breaking, hit home.
Love the idea of reloving what you have got.

Hope son recovers well, G met his wife when he had his knee op....(me)


Elizabethd said...

Not surprised that you are a bit low, I guess it could be delayed reaction to all the stress.
Take time for yourself now.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

What a very clever idea for fabric boxes...wondering if you glued fabric onto the wood. Hope your son is soon feeling better.

Fat Dormouse said...

Your wooden boxes are fab, Floss. They look really stylish in a stack like that.
Try to look after yourself through your "down" patch. Give yourself a treat and hold tight onto God's hand. I'll keep you in my prayers.

polkadotpeticoat said...

Floss these are such beautiful treasure troves....