Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Staycation in the south of France

We started our staycation yesterday - it's a whole lot easier than going away on holiday, I have to say! We had a family trip to our local Safari Park planned, and we ended up taking Son 2's friend along too (spot the French head next to the British head watching the macaw!)
Son 2 and Friend had a great time doing the holiday quiz around the animal park. Do you want to try your French out on two of the clues they photographed? The one above is factual. The one below is a rebus!
When we got home the boys threw themselves in the pool (yes, Son 1 can walk, swim and run again after his op - hurray!) and Ben carried on fitting the shutters we've made. I used up the cherry tomato glut making Onion and Cherry Tomato Chutney. Smells great...
Today the weather is less sunny, and we're planning a local bike ride and some boardgames. What about you?


marigold jam said...

When you love somewhere beautiful and interesting as we both do a staycation is great and so much easier than going away isn't it? We are off to Paris for 2 nights next week as our holiday - a city break is all we want as a change of scene as our area here is perfect for holidaying like yours!

Betty said...

So good that your son is over his op and can get all sporty - wishing you all a wonderful holiday. The chutney is interesting - my tomatos are still green at the mo.

Elizabethd said...

It sounds a great idea to have a staycation, so much easier than all that packing!

Serenata said...

Sounds like the boys had a lovely time. So good to hear your son is doing well.

Not so nice here today either. Was raining first thing, then nice and sunny and now overcast again...not promising.

Oh really exciting day planned today...guinea pig cleaning out and a pile of ironing! ;-) We've asked DS2 if he'd like to go out and we got a resounding NO

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Floss:
What great fun you appear to be having on your stay at home holiday. Much easier, we think, than packing up all that is required to take a family away.

The chutney sounds as though it will be delicious - but then we absolutely love anything which is tomato based.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

How lovely, I guess we're 'staycationing' in London at the moment - not quite as picturesque. Mr FHCS is taking the odd day off here and there, today he finishes work at one so the boys and I are taking the train into town to meet him, we're going to force some culture upon them! (and then end with pizza)

That chutney looks like it's going to be delish.

Hen said...

This all looks heavenly, Floss. We're actually enjoying some sunshine and heat here in London (no pool, sadly) and I've just finished my last commission for now so I am very excited that I can just do what I want! Enjoy the hols.
Hen x

Jane and Chris said...

We are having a staycation too, although it should be renamed a workcation!!
Have fun!
Jane x

Sherri B. said...

It is so nice to hear that Son 1 is all mended and able to enjoy his summer. Your chutney sounds interesting, tomato chutney is new to me.
Today will find me doing some weeding in the garden and then perhaps a stop at some thrift shops in town. xo

polkadotpeticoat said...

wonderful time and your chutney looks so good!
I'm still paining and painting some more but I can soon see the light at the end of it all!

Fat Dormouse said...

I really should make some chutney! We're running out! Tomorrow Mr D & I are going to see if we can collect some wild raspberries - we're a bit late, but up high there may still be some left, if we're lucky. If not, it'll be myrtilles.

Today I'm cycling this morning - it's a bit grey, but I need to get out and do about 20 km. And this afternoon, I'm "concierge" at the Artisanat's Summer show. I also need to get to the PO today - watch your letter box, Floss. There's a little something on its way to you!

Happy said...

Dear Floss
Thank you so much for your comment and words of comfort, I really appreciate them :-) Being an adoptive parent, so many aspects of daily life are strange & there's so much "stuff" to do with the children that I sometimes wonder if I'm being "good enough" !! So when I hear comments like your own, from birth parents who say how hard it is/was to be with their toddlers - well, it makes me feel okay about being me and having negative feelings !!
Thank you dear, sending you a big hug,
D xxx