Sunday, August 21, 2011

Button Swaps and Bloggers' Meets

Elizabethd organised a sweet and simple Buttons and Bows Swap last month - such a lot of fun for such little cost and effort! We simply trawled through our button boxes and similar stashes and sent an appropriate selection to our swap partner. My partner was Christine from Time Out Stitching, all the way on the other side of the world. This is what she sent me! Here's what I sent her - look how we beautifully colour-coded our gifts, lol! You can read more about what I sent her on her post about the swap.

So, shall we take more of a peek at the Australian wonders that have winged their way to France?

Such a sweet ribbon rosette. I shall put it on one of my white blouses, I think - I really want to show this one off!

A beautiful tatted circle, now forming the backdrop for a few of my favourite buttons from the package:

So simple but sweet...

Sewing-themed charm and fabric - I can really see this making a great pincushion... or a sewing bag... or the cover for my sewing box... lots of ideas, there!

Hand-dyed embroidery threads and two lovely doileys

And finally...

Thanks so much, Christine, for this lovely package of goodness!


For my second Bloggers' meet-up this summer (I am doing well), I noticed that Elizabeth Rimmer, the poet who writes such thought-provoking and authentic pieces for some of our Advent and Lent Pauses, was going to be at the Edinburgh Poetry Festival while we were visiting my dad last week. She mentioned that she'd be at the Couryard Reading one day, so I told her I'd try to happen along and hear her read there, and I made it (through the pouring rain). I enjoyed all the contributions, by published and unpublished posts (Scottish, English and Portugese) and particularly liked Elizabeth's poem about the Eclipse. You can read Elizabeth's festival write-up here.


It's horribly hot here ("Forte chaleur, penser à vos proches...") and we're quite busy with lovely holiday stuff - the boys' friends are constantly spending nights with us and they're alternating time between the swimming pool (yay!) and the computer (yawn), and Ben and I are finding indoor things to do (chilli jam in his case, wonderful man) and saving hot stuff, like gardening and ironing, for the early mornings. Boy, does it make a change from Edinburgh! Next post: I visited a Vide Grenier...


Elizabeth Rimmer said...

It was lovely to meet up, Floss, and thanks for the mention!

marigold jam said...

That was a good swap wasn't it - no pressure and not expensive either - I was lucky enough to get 2 partners! Glad you enjoyed meeting up with a fellow blogger in Edinburgh. Hope you will get some cooler weather soon - we always want something different to that which we have don't we? No that's not true I am content with today's weather here sunny and bright but not too hot to sit out with our cuppas!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Floss:
How absolutely wonderful and we can well imagine the thrill and delight you must have had, and continue to have, opening up your 'swap' parcel which does, indeed, to be full of goodies.

You have returned from a wet Edinburgh, we from a chilly Brighton where, on a couple of evenings, we were cold enough to put on the central heating. Not so now where the temperature is mid 30C and set to continue for the coming week! Enjoy the rest of your summer. Your husband's jam sounds most interesting.

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

What a fab swap - as you know buttons aren't my thing but the doilies are very pretty and the absolutely beautiful last picture - a brooch? if it's a button then I am definitely converted! Have a lovely time through the last few weeks of Summer holidays and sunshine Floss. Bettyx

Carolyn Phillips said...

Two lovely sets of buttons and lacy bits.

Angela said...

such pretty things! hoping I find my swap parcel waiting when i get back from holiday tomorrow

blessings x

Elizabethd said...

What pretty things you had in your parcel. I think everyone was pleased with their swap, and it surprised me what different things were included.

Elizabethd said...

Thank you Floss, for joining in the swap. Sorry, that should have been included in the message above!

Sherri B. said...

Such a lovely swap with so many special and thoughtful gems.
How fun to be able to meet up with blogging friends at a reading.
Didn't you do a post about Ben and his preserving last year? I seem to remember being impressed that he did that!


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

What a beautiful parcel of goodies Christine sent you Floss!

I enjoyed the swap too and Elizabeth was my swap partner - she completely spoiled me too!!

Shane in New Zealand :)

Serenata said...

That certainly looks like it was a great, fun and yet simple swap to do, with lovely goodies you both sent and received.

How lovely that you got to meet up with another blogger.

wendz said...

What a great parcel! The doilies are lovely - so many pretty things you can do with them.

I wish we had had some of that hot weather. My boys have been here for 4 weeks and we have been able to spend only two afternoons at the beach. It has been such a disappointing summer, weather-wise.

Instead of being out doing summery things we have had to come up with alternate activities and I must admit that a lot of Playstation and iPod gaming has also been going on.