Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blooms, Birds, Blessings and Blue Pottery

Well, after all the excitement of hospital trips and pain-filled nights earlier in the week, things are finally settling down! Son 2's antibiotics and painkillers are finally up to the job of keeping him asleep at night and fit for school in the day, and the nurse came to our house yesterday to change his bandages - I think both boys instantly fell in love with her! Thanks so much for all your kind comments for me and the poor injured boy. Either you're going to look at the picture above and notice the pretty flowers, or you're going to notice that I need to weed! Cup half full, or half empty? I planted the bulbs right next to my washing line, so that I would see early blooms when hanging out the washing. Sadly the washing has been sitting on the line in the rain for the last 18 hours - I got caught out yesterday, and decided to risk leaving it there in the hopes that today will be a better day. I'm not sure, though...Now, in advance of Son 2 damaging himself, I had a smashing time myself last weekend, breaking a small coffee pot, a glass and one of our last good-sized serving dishes.
It was time for some shopping, and fast - Ben was threatening to go out and buy a whole new set of serving dishes! New??? A SET????? Shock horror. Action was needed to keep up my thrifty-eco-eclectic image.
Thankfully, the troc shop came up trumps. I was looking for a theme that would fit what little is left in our collection (mostly white or with small blue flowers) and I came back, delighted, with this lovely tagine-style casserole, the Crown Derby 'modern' casserole you see above and two hand-painted plates.
There's a lot of north African pottery in France, of course, given its colonial history.
Each piece I've bought is different but is hopefully united by the blue and white and the hand painting. I'm looking forward to finding some more pieces to add to the collection now!
So things are looking up. Son 2 and I have caught up on enough sleep to see the bright side of life again. Son 1 and Ben can look forward to having a bit of attention again! And the holidays start on Saturday, and my dad seems likely to be well enough to leave hospital and get home before we are due to vist him. I am very grateful for all these blessings, the big ones and the blue plates too.
And a final blessing is this regular visitor to Son 2's birdfeeder - a blackcap. It's either one very hungry one or several, taking it in turns. They are wonderfully elegant little birds and very welcome!


Natasha said...

I am so sorry that I haven't commented for so long my dearest Floss. Life has been crazy here too (I think my son Al might have tonsillitis...argh!) I am also sorry to hear that things have been so worrying for you lately. Thank God your son is OK! It sure is hard work being a mother, wife, carer....

Take care and please know you are often in my thoughts!

Best wishes always,

marigold jam said...

So glad things are looking up for you all! Love the flowers and honestly I had to look again to see any weeds being completely bowled over by the flowers themselves. Anyway what is a weed? Just a plant growing where you would rather it didn't! Your china finds are great - love the designs and if they go with your other china great and if not so what?! Lovely positive post Floss - you deserve some happier times and let's hgope the washing dries which would be the icing on the cake!


Vintage Tea Time said...

Ha, ha - laughed at your flower / weed comment - I've just done the same - posted flower pics then noticed the weeds! Hey, ho. Glad your little boy's feeling better. Well done on your new china - a great eclectic collection; much better than a (aaarrgghh!) set! I love Moroccan bowls. Abby x

Jan said...

Oh Floss, I only saw the flowers - they are so pretty and colourful and I'm glad you don't appear to have a rabbit problem. I am so pleased that your 'boys', both young and old are better and I wish you a pleasant restful holiday.

Elizabethd said...

Weeds, what weeds? So lovely to see crocus out, it brightens the day.
I'm delighted to hear the news of your father too.

Donna said...

Floss..I love your beautiful dishes!! And so sorry to hear that your son was ill. I'm glad he's feeling better now.

Ah..hanging clothes on the line. I've got to get mine set back up. Hubby hates mowing around ours..but the clothes smells so lovely after drying in the sun...but I guess yours aren't doing that are they? LoL!

Weeds?What weeds?? Your daffodils are DELIGHTFUL. They are my very favorite flower! I love the yellow.

Floss..I so love seeing even that one little photo of the houses nearby. I've never been to France..though we did go to Germany for three whole weeks. We have in laws there. How I wanted to go further..but we were guests. It was our first time to go to Europe. I was just in awe!

Lovely post and thanks so much for visiting. :O)


Kerrie said...

What a delightful blog!! I came over from Donna's and so happy I did! Your photos are wonderful and your writing so vivid and friendly! Sorry about your son's mishap, so painful! I love handerchiefs and just have a few vintage ones, just because-ha! Like you, I love seeing them ironed and in a pile and occasionally, I have used them-ha! Kerrie

Autumn Mist said...

So glad to hear things are on the 'up' at last. I love those dishes too. Blue china is my favourite thing (like the wallpaper on your blog, I love it).

Jane and Chris said...

Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend! Crocuses...aah Spring...we are still covered in snow but once I see crocuses... WOOHOO! As for the! Its gorgeous.
Jane x

Heidi said...

I'm so glad your son is doing better...I can't believe you have nurses that come to the!
LOve the blue with like a daisy, there all great together.

Sherri B. said...

So glad to hear that the injury is mending and that you both are no longer sleep deprived.

Your flowers are lovely. I am so looking forward to a glimps of spring, and how nice to have them right by your line. There have been more times than I care to count that my clothes have had to stay on the line after an unexpected extra 'rinse' cycle.

How fun to add to your eclectic dish collection...very nice finds.

Nina said...

Flowers in bloom?!!! Oh my, we have soooooo much snow and it feels like spring is soooo far away. But now your post gave me hope, spring will arrive even to us here in the north.
Glad to hear your son is feeling better.

Lululiz said...

It is so good to hear that things are looking up for you. I am soooo envious though, lol, you have Spring flowers! They are lovely and I would be so happy to see some in my garden as well. No such luck yet. I love the way the colours in the photo right below the flowers match them so beautifully.

lemonade kitty said...

Hi Floss,

There's a little something waiting for you to clain over on my blog, pop over when you have a mo, Lucey xx

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh your poor boy! I missed your last post due to watching the TV full time at the moment. I hope it's not so sore today. I do love your new kitchen additions, very you I must say.

magsmcc said...

I wish you many more weeds, if they imply much catching up on sleep and attention!

Josie-Mary said...

I noticed weeds in my daff's picture! Plates are a good find, well done :) x