Friday, January 21, 2011

"Poup, poup..."

It's been a lovely week, thinking about The Wind in the Willows with Mags and Co over at Fraise Lachrymose. And it's good to have you here today, on the Big Day!You can find the list of bloggers taking part over at Fraise - each of us is posting something inspired by the Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame. My post today is inspired by my sons... I wrote about the French version of the books, in bande dessinée form, over at Fraise on Wednesday. I ended that post by wondering what the boys would say when they came home from school and found the books. And the answer is:
"Oh, poup, poup!"
(That's the French version.) I think that both of my boys, aged 12 and 13, love Mr Toad - as far as they are concerned, he is the star of the story, and the other characters are merely there to make the story about Toad and his motorcar play itself out. In fact, Mr Toad is a little boy all grown up - he has the normal enthusiasms and excesses of most small boys, but also the money and independence to actually see them through...So, when Son 1 talked me through the story, he began by reminding me about Mr Toad's gypsy caravan. This lends itself very nicely to French interests:
The French still make superb gypsy caravans (roulottes), and you can stay in them as a luxury B & B experience. Click here to see what I mean!
They are often featured in homes magazines, a bit the way the British feature their summer houses or posh garden sheds. This one was in the Christmas 'Journal de la Maison' for 2008.
But of course the British do make gypsy caravans too!From my point of view, the obsession with caravans was perfectly justified... I have always wanted to travel this way since the Famous Five spent time in one! But for Mr Toad, it was a short-lived fad, quite literally overtaken by the motorcar.
Oh, poup poup!
Although it's of the wrong era, I thought that these fantastic photos of a classic French 2CV, in a suitably picnic-based setting, were worth sharing with you. I've been looking for the excuse for ages!
But I'll end with what might genuniely be one of Toad, Mole and Ratty's picnics, from the same magazine: Campagne Décoration, July/August 2009. This is how the French see England!
Have a good weekend!
All credit to: Mags, for setting up this cosy week, and Michel Plessix, whose BDs were publised between 1996 and 2009 by Delcourt.


Anonymous said...

oh this is just wonderful! I can wait to start posting this later today :-)

Thank you Floss for sharing this...


Mr Toad is a boy at heart...reminds me of some many people I know in real life that act this way :)

Betty said...

I am so interested to read that you can stay in a gipsy caravan in France - I definitely want to. I would be barefoot the whole time and put flowers in my hair and cook on a camp fire. Hasn't Wind in the Willows been lovely to revisit - I can't get it out of my head!

Maggie said...

Mr Toad may be a boy at heart and I was a tomboy, maybe that's why he's my favourite WITW character.
Perhaps we could have a Famous Five day soon? I wonder if there would be much interest?

Elizabethd said...

I love the thought of retracing soem of Toad's a French caravan! (Preferably a Cath Kidston decorated one!)

Serenata said...

I've really enjoyed your last three posts Floss, a lovely mix indeed. I was going to post something about the Wind in the Willows today as I have a couple of lovely books...I forgot!

marble rose said...

sigh - I have harboured an ambition for many many years to have a gypsy caravan in our garden - some lovely grown up hideaway - but we never had the garden or the money. Now we have the garden, but still not enough money. sigh - i can dream. xxxx

Jan said...

I loved your post. Having caravanned ourselves for some years in the modern version the idea of a beautiful horse-drawn affair complete with a sumptuous interior is my idea of heaven . . . as long as the mod cons are not too far away.

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

this is very enjoyable indeed and i agree with the boys that Mr. Toad is without a doubt the most exciting character in the book 'Poup Poup!'.
what a treat you have laid on for us here with the 2CV's (definitely my kind of poup poup) and the gorgeous roulettes. funnily enough i was re-reading the famous five's caravan adventures with my daughter recently.
i think this event has been so much fun and i do hope will we all do more of this kind of thing.

thank you for your wonderful contributions and all the efforts you have put in to making it such an amazing treat for us all



magsmcc said...

Floss, I am not even going to ask permission. I am pilching that last photo right now! Thank you, kind bloggiste, for all your help and advice this week! I have loved it beyond measure!

I have commented to many now that one of the best consequences of this week has been the meeting of new folk. And my first experience of that was in Pause for Lent last year. So thank you for that too!

Another lovely thing has been "cross-referencing" in everyone's comments, and your comment to Pom Pom has really made me think about my Lent book. I read the same one every year, but this year I'll be following good examples! Roll on, Pause in Lent!

(Would you believe that my word verification is toedi....)

Catherine said...

It has been so lovely to join in with you all this week...thank you! I am a bit slow in visiting everyone as our internet speed is a lot like treacle much of the time here : O I have been noting gypsy caravan pictures too of recent times & have just been tidying some books, looked down & saw another on the cover of an old Secret Seven book.."Puzzle for the Secret 7"
I am really looking forward to the conversation about "modern vintage living"...something we (Rob & I) talk about alot & that is unfolding for us daily.
Have a lovely week Floss. Much love Catherine x

Sarah said...

What fun it was to stop by for a visit here. This is a delightful connection for WITW Party. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

Fat Dormouse said...

I'm glad you're OK, and I've caught up on all your posts. I really don't know how you have the time to do the splendid things you do; I'm either too busy or (more likely!) too lazy! But it's lovely to hear about them!
I hope I've updated my link. Nous verrons!

jeannette said...

I smiled at the next to the last pic, because I never thought to see our first "ugly duckling" (as we called it in Holland in the 70ties)) to see at Blogspot! Can't remember how many times that old car stalled (preferably in the middle of an intersection!)