Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Modern Vintage"

The strapline on my blog title reads: "An English family in France, leading a modern vintage life... " and sometimes I wonder what on earth I mean by that!

Whatever it means, it seems I am not alone in this attempt at modern vintage living. The fantastic January edition of BBC Homes and Antiques (sent to me in a private swap - wonderful, thank you!) lists "Trends for 2011" which seem to be summed up by this 'modern vintage' idea.
The magazine mentions the forthcoming book "The Vintage/Modern Home" by Katherine Sorrell, and a quick search on Amazon indicates that one of my favourite combinations, Emily Chalmers and Debi Treloar, will be bringing out a book called "Modern Vintage Style".
Both books seem to have the approach that a stylish, individual and environmentally friendly home need not be expensive, but is best achieved with a personalised combination of thrifty vintage finds and whatever you happen to have already. That sounds pretty much like my philosophy, and I think it's one shared by many of you, too.
Last night I was thinking about this and wrote myself a few notes, enjoying the whole business of writing in pencil on recycled paper - quite a pleasant sensation, I noticed! I'm in the business of enjoying the little things, at the moment...
And these are the questions I came up with. What do YOU think?
  1. Is a love for vintage linked to looking at the past through rose-tinted spectacles?
  2. What are the good things from the past that we hope to hold on to?
  3. What are the distinct advantages of living in the here and now?
  4. So what does Modern Vintage Living mean to you?


summerfete said...

Modern vintage to me means balance.
Enjoy all the history and charm of the past, but avoid turning your home into a museum!!

I love old things for their beauty and craftmanship not just because they fall into the vintage catogary.

I'm so glad 'bold is best', I think you've seen my latest patchwork creation!


Freddie said...

I like to collect vintage French stuff because I was brought up in France and they remind me of my youth, my heritage and all the wonderful times I spent in my grandparents’ house as a child. I would say that is definitely a case of looking through rose tinted spectacles for me! I also like to make jam, another thing I have inherited from my grandmother. For me, modern living is all about individuality, comfort and memories.

marigold jam said...

* Yes and No - I think it is more a remembering the good things and forgetting the not so good.
* The freedom we used to have, the quality of things (maybe that is rose tinted specs tho) the sense of community and of pride and patriotism
* Electricity! Having enough money to have all that I need and the ability to choose.
* it means a mix of the best of the past together with what's good about the present.

Great post Floss!


Andi's English Attic said...

*I agree with Marigold jam - remembering the good bits and forgetting the not so good.
*Neighbourhood spirit. Things built to last rather than expected to be replaced every two years or so.
*Medicine. Equal rights. The internet that allows us to communicate and form friendships across the globe.
*Taking and enjoying the best bits from each.

Maggie said...

Modern vintage to me means living in our lovingly restored and renovated Normandy home, whose origins date back to the 16th century.
Efficient central heating, double glazed windows and woodburning stoves.
Hot showers and handmade 16thc terracotta floor tiles.
Inherited furniture and local auction finds adapted to our lifestyle, these are a few of my favourite things!

Angela said...

MAKING Do And MendIing - not rushing for the newest model simply because it IS the newest, but seeking to keep the Old going while it is viable to do so.
RESPECTING and treasuring craftsmanship - a piece of embroidery, and wooden box, a woven basket, a hand-thrown pot, a home grown tomato.
SHARING those skills - by teaching others and by making & giving handcrafted items.
BUILDING those 'old-fashioned' values into our lives which bind the fabric of society together-family meal times, writing letters, reading books, seeking to avoid debt, community involvement, respect for elders, and 'charitable deeds'
BUT PLEASE let me continue to enjoy [in a responsible way] modern technology, modern medicine, and good plumbing.

this post has REALLY got me thinking! thanks Floss

Anonymous said...

Totally enjoying the beauty of yesterday. The wisdom, the tenacity, the everyday skills that have been pushed to the side in order to bring the newest gizmo to your life.

This is what a vintage life is to me...a simpler, more content life filled to the brim with love and Grace...His Grace!

Thank you Floss for stopping by the cottage. Your visit brought much joy :)


magsmcc said...

I can't really comment on the vintage side- I am just trying to not have anything else into the house, but rather get some of it out! New or old. But there is something fascinating about your beautiful handwriting! What does the next page say now?

George's Mum said...

I like what Angela said up there... sums up my thoughts more eloquently than I could write them right now. I might have had "some wines" as my Aunt used to say! hic....