Monday, January 17, 2011

Of Mysteries and Moles...

So, here is our mystery object... Like Son 2, many of you suggested that it was indeed a marble, and although it's bigger than your average cat's eye marble,
... lots of Googling suggests that clay marbles did look just like this. You can buy the set below on ebay, if you like!
And despite its size, many of the huge modern marbles are even bigger.
But then clever Vicki suggested that it could be the little ball from a boules game (the 'jack' in English, 'le but' or 'le cochonnet' ('goal' or 'piggie' in French!).
It certainly looks good with our boules.
And very similar to the wooden jack that goes with it. A quick search through the history of boules suggests that, although a wooden jack is best, clay was sometimes used. So Vicki may be right. On thing's certain - it was for playing, not for shooting creatures! And I'm happy about that.
Looking back a year, I realise that I was really ill for well over a month around this time in 2010. As I started getting better, I felt I'd lost about two months of my life. I'm determined NOT to lose January and February 2011 - let's have fun, instead! One great way that I'm going to have fun this week is by joining in with Mags at Fraise Lachrymose, who is organising a great, big, cosy Wind in the Willows-fest! She has guest posters (including me on Wednesday, gulp) all week, leading up to the big event on Friday, when everyone can join in by posting their Wind in the Willows-inspired post on their own blog. Do pop over to her blog to read the daily guest posts, and sign up for Friday if you can!


Betty said...

Looking forward to the Friday WIW fest it's going to be fun.

Elizabethd said...

Imagine hitting the cochonnet with your Boule...and seeing it fracture into little pieces!
My turn on the river bank tomorrow!

Amanda said...

We go on holiday to Turkey a lot and love playing Bocca as its called there. This time the hotel had a lot of French so they were pretty good at it and played on a proper pitch and not the grass or beach.

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

oh well done Vicky!
i do love a good mystery. do you know of the television programme Bagpuss? (i didn't have televison as a child, but i have seen it on DVD). this little post reminds me of those episodes. where an unknown object would be found and all the little mice and woodpecker and frog and so on slowly (with the help of Bagpuss) discover what it is.
i am very much enjoying the Wind in the Willows fest :o) pom poms post yesterday and Angela's post today were both excellent and very different, which is good. i can't wait to read yours :o)

VintageVicki said...

I knew I was a genius ;) Often tell the boys only have them laugh at me!!

I haven't played marbles in years - used to have a great collection when I was young - some really stunners.

magsmcc said...

Thank you Floss- you are the queen of bloggisme!

Nina said...

I have given you a prize on my blog. And it is meant to go with no stress;)

Lululiz said...

Ooh, you play boules as well! I am beginning to think that everybody in France plays. Whenever a bunch of us get together, for a meal, or just for a chat, we seem to end up playing boules just down our country lane. Such a great game. Have been known to finish a game by torchlight, lol.