Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Magazine Swap list now closed, but I have some questions for you!

Hello ladies! We have 29 magazine swappers now that the closing date has passed. This could mean that there's room for one more swapper if anyone really wants to join in! Just leave me a comment below if you'd like to be the last swapper.I've illustrated my list with some elegant vintage ladies, found here. Feel free to imagine that they represent our beautiful swappers! The beauties are to distract us from the fact that there is some boring admin to do now...
Please read through the list and see if I need any more information from you, or if I've got your details right. For some people I'd like to know a bit more about what language of magazine you'd like to recieve. For others, I'd like to have your postal and email addresses so that I can pass these on to your swap partners.
As you can see, there are a wonderful range of magazines being offered and people have been very varied in what they hope to recieve, too, so I think it should be fairly easy to match up pairs of swappers once I have the answers to my questions below.Little Secrets from My Garden will send in Italian and is happy to recieve a magazine in any language. She has also emailed me - thanks!
Pondside will send a Canadian magazine in English and would like an English magazine from outside of Canada. She has emailed me too - full marks so far!
Chez Sophie will send a UK magazine and is happy to get one back in any language. Can you just email me your address, please, Sophie?
Mami's Photo Diary will send a magazine in Japanese, I think. I'm guessing she would like one in English - would you let me know please, Mami? Thanks for your email.
Vintage Viki will send a UK one in English and would like any non-UK English one back. Could you email me your address please, Viki?
Troc, Broc and Recup will send a French one and would quite like a UK English one - like a number of others I miss magazines in my own language !
Violet White will send a UK English one and would be happy to recieve one in English or French.
Signed by Ange will send a French one and I guess she would be happy with either English or French? Could you just email me to confirm that when you get home, please?
Tracing Rainbows will send an American magazine and would be happy with either English or French in return. Thanks for the email.
Dandelion will send an Australian magazine and would like an English one in return. There is a question about you Antipodeans - should we in the Northern Hemispehere swap a summer one for one of your winter ones? Please leave some comments so I know what to suggest, folks!
Just Plain and Simple Me will send an American magazine and will accept any language in return. Could you just email me your details, please?
Mary Poppins will send a UK English magazine and is happy with any language, so long as the magazine has a bit of pink in it! I have all your details, Mary - thanks.
Fabric, Paper and Thread has a Canadian English magazine and would like to swap with anyone outside of Canada. Thanks for your email!
Crafty Helen will send a UK magazine, but can you just let me know what you'd like in return? Thanks for your email.
The Balancing Kiwi has a UK English magazine, but what would you like in return, Serenata?
Harmony and Rosie will send a UK English magazine and would like an English one from outside the UK in return. Could you just email me your address, please?
Happy Ever After will send a UK English magazine and would like any in return. Could you email me your details, please?
Clover Cottage has one to swap in UK English and would like a non-UK one in English back. I know I have your details somewhere, but could you just email them to me again, please?
Rubyred has a UK English one to swap, but is there anything in particular you'd like back? Please let me know by email.
Juanita Tortilla has found a magazine to swap, which I guess is in English, but I need to know for sure, please! And what would you like back? Thanks for the email.
Lululiz has an English needlework magazine but isn't sure if anyone else would like it. Let me know if that interests you, please! Otherwise, Liz won't join in...
Della Grace's Life will send an American one in English and will accept anything in return! Could you email me your details, please?
C'est la vie will send an Australian magazine and would like an American one in return. Could you email your details to me, please?
Somewhere along a winding path is Australian too - she will accept any language in return! Head over to her giveaway here, folks! I'd like your details too, please.
Sammelleidenschaft has a German magazine to swap and would like one back in French or English. Thanks for the email!
French Village Life can swap a magazine in either English or French and would like a non-UK English one in return. I have all your details!
Dance in my Garden will send an Australian magazine and is happy to have one back in any language. Could you email your details, please?
Fée du jardin et du logis can send a magazine in French, English or German, and will accept one in any language. Could you email me your details, please?
Scrappity Anne will send an American magazine and would like one in English from another country - Canada for preference. I'd like to have your details by email, please.

Well, swappers - as you can see I need some individual details from you, and I also need to know what you all think about the North/South divide - can we manage to send ones from the correct seasons to the people in the opposite hemisphere? Also, does anyone want Liz's needlework magazine? Please let me know your details and your thoughts, and then I'll get you all paired up!


Michela said...

Wow Floss! Thank you for all your efforts, this swap seemed to be so easy at first, but I see it's causing you a bad headache, eh?
I think you have all my details then...I wouldn't mind to read about a different season, it's lovely to know what happens on the other side of the world (..that's why I follow Mrs Red Gingham ;-)
If Lizzie is happy to receive an Italian magazine(please specify what she'd like to receive), my crafty aunt would be very pleased to be given an English needlework magazine!
Thank you!

Lululiz said...

My goodness, Floss, you have worked hard on this. I am sure everybody will really appreciate it though, it was a wonderful idea.
Love the vintage ladies, aren't they all so very pretty? I really adore these old postcards/photos,they are so charming.
I'll get in touch with Michela re the mag, if thats ok with you? Hug to Michela, lol, she is always up for anything, isn't she?

juanita tortilla said...

Hi Floss, I will be sending out a German magazine. And would accept one in any language.
I also really wouldn't mind a needlework magazine. I am open to new ventures.

As for the the North-South divide, hopefully our dear blog friends like to live vicariously as much as I do :) Winter / Summer will come round soon!

Serenata said...

I'm happy to receive anything in return as well :-)

Thanks for all your hard work Floss!

VintageVicki said...

Hi Floss - have emailed you :)

Thankyou for all your hard work :)

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo Floss you have been busy and what beautiful images, thank you for sharing :) No preference at all as to what season comes my way, a french one sounds nice :) I shall probably be sending an old back copy of Country Living from a few years ago, I have a couple of very pretty ones in mind, so if someone wants something very up to date, maybe I am not the best choice. A little pink would be nice but not essential

Love and hugs


Lola Nova said...

Dear Floss, what a wonderful collection of vintage beauties you have here. I am so sorry I was not able to join the swap. The only mags I could find were old fly fishing ones (very curious) my own sewing mags need to live with me and my only other is the one you sent me! We did a bit of a purge before winter set in. Sending it all to charity shops. Ah well, still you are doing a great job with all the details.
Love your old sewing machine, my grandmother had one similar, I think my mom has it now (I hope) have a great day!

Lorrie said...

You've done a tremendous amount of organizing here, Floss. Everything looks great.

To clarify - I would like a non-American magazine (and non-Canadian). Most of our magazines come from the US. A French magazine would be wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Floss, and thanks for all hard work organising this. Just to confirm that I am sending an English magazine, and I'm happy to receive anything in English or French. I am a little partial to all things American (this includes my husband) so anything from across the pond would be good. I don't however want to make your life any more complicated and anything would be lovely. :-) xx

Floss said...

Thank you everyone - I've noted what you've said!

Rubyred said...

Hi floss!
What a lot of hard work you are putting into this lovely swap!
I'm happy to have a magazine from anywhere, but in English please if that's possible. I shall email you my details!
Rachel x

Kate said...

Hi Floss. I'm not fussy about which season so please don't worry about that. Would prefer one in English but really, if it's becoming a pain, don't worry about that either. I echo what everyone has said, which is well done you and a big thank you!

I am attempting to email my address to you, no luck so far but will keep trying.

Kate x

Karen said...

Wow Floss, that was a lot of work for you. I'm emailing you my address. Thanks so much for doing this! Karen

Floss said...

You lovely people need to understand that I like to have a little project in hand, so don't worry about me working too hard!

Angela said...

Well done for organising this Floss. Happy to accept anything in English or French. If it is Antipodean, I am not bothered what season!

Elizabethd said...

Looks very good Floss....I'm happy to receive any from anywhere as long as they are in English.
Most of mine are to do with sewing, gardening or country lifestyle.

Pondside said...

Hello Floss
Thank you for putting such a lot of work into this - we're all going to have such a nice surprise when we open our packages. I will accept any magazine from anywhere, so let it shake out as it may - you can leave my til last if you need to. I look forward to finding out who'll get my offering and what I'll have in return.

beck said...

Hi Floss, I'm not fussed about the season. Mine will be a summer one is that ok? I really don't what I get I'm just happy to be involved! Thanks for this fun swap, Beck xo ps I'm assuming you have my address still? x

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Hi Floss,
oh my gosh what a big job this is turning out to be for you! I am really happy to fit in wherever you may have a gap, whatever I get is fine. Will send you my postal address.
Thanks so much for organising this huge mag swap!

magsmcc said...

Just popping in to say well done you for such valiant work! I have in my head a picture of a huge piece of thick paper with names and lines and languages and lush joy waiting to wing away! Hope you're drinking enough coffee!

Floss said...

It's on Microsoft Excel actually, but otherwise you're about right!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness Floss, what a mammoth project you have here! I'm sure you'll get there in the end and there will be happy ladies reading lovely magazines all over the world.

Mami said...

Hi,Floss! Thank you for asking and doing well this organization's hard works.Arigato!
So I will send a mag in japanese. and happy to accept anything in English or French. Because my sister is studying French so it seems helpful for her either.:)
And I'm not sure what others want to see a japanese mag though..Glad to let me know,please.


amanda said...

hi floss i cant find your email contact, so i will just give you my email address here, its

Anonymous said...

The vintage ladies are Lovely.ThankYou so much for sharing all these beautiful, beautiful images xx It's a Wonderful collection, I have so enjoyed looking at them :o)
The magazine swap sounds exciting, unfortunatly I am unable to commit to something like that at the moment, but it's a fab idea and I am sure all the ladies involved will Love it.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I was thinking there that this was a regular swap, but if it's just a one off (am confused) and You need another mag to make up the numbers I could probably send an edition of country living magazine (summer issue) if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

Hi Floss
I just read Your Lovely comment. ThankYou xx
And please do get back to me if You need to x

Hope You and Yours have a Super weekend



claire said...

Floss I am really annoyed with myself for not checking my comment went through..I wrote one...but it has lost in cyber space!!
I even blogged how I was joining in?!?!?
Any chance you can squeeze me in??
I have English mags and would love non English??
If too late don't worry...note to self check comments are left before logging out!!! :(

claire said...

I am contactable at in case you need it xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Floss, wow, so many swapper ladies. You have a lot of work with it. Thank you for doing that.
I´m really glad to read that there are a few ladies which would love to receive a german magazine.

Ange said...

hi floss, borrowing a qwerty keyboard really quickly qnd checking in. I am happy to receive qny language in fqct ... when i find the delete key on this laptop i zill re;ove the errors. talk when i get bqck ;-) ange. ps i may even be able to send an english language mag if i look hahard enough although its more likely to be french. love from london and talk monday ...