Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cat amongst the pigeons/This is NOT Bolognese Sauce!

Well, I really put the cat amongst the pigeons with my comment yesterday. Most of us seem to like some Cath Kidston stuff, some of us love lots of it! My favourite comments were Angela's, who wondered if CK sold a nice tin to keep the worms in (I'd commented on opening up a can of worms). Which tin would you choose, Angela? I like them all!

And the other one who really summed it up was Mrs Yappy Dog, who said: "if it was in a charity shop for a good price I would probably see it in a different light - it's all according to the size of your wallet I think ... personally I would get more pleasure from finding or creating a 'look alike' at a fraction of the price! " Amen, Mrs Yappy Dog. Do go and vist Mrs Yappy Dog if you haven't met her yet - she's new to blogging and has joined the Magazine Swap.
The Magazine Swap partners are due to be announced tomorrow. I'm going to have to wait and see how the new steriods :( I've been given are doing with this thyroid virus. If they're beginning to do the trick I should be able to get the partners out on time.
Cooking has kind of gone down the drain as the thyroid thingy got worse. The debacle came today when Son 2 announced in disgust: 'this is just NOT Bolognese sauce, Mum', about something I'd taken from a jar. He is a connoisseur of Spag Bol, made by me, and more recently, by him. He decided he couldn't eat the stuff from the jar. I'm sure the Italians would be proud of him! I am too, really...


Michela said...
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Michela said...

Hi Floss, sorry to hear you're still unwell, hope your medicine will put you "on the road" again very soon.
It was very interesting to read all the comments you got on your CK post, I've lost count of how many time Juanita and I have chatted about bloggers and their love for CK the way, I would choose the biggest tin!
..I'm not commenting about the Bolognaise sauce, as I can't bear it!

(sorry, grammar mistakes in my previous comment)

Anonymous said...

Much better to have children that are into real food, but a bit tough if you are feeling poorly and need to resort to short cuts. I do hope You are feeling better soon xxx
Angela and Mrs. Yappy dog's comments have made me smile :o) I will go visit their blogs.
I have that set of tins (was a present - CK is usualy a bit pricey for me too) and the little spotty one is my fave.

Elizabethd said...

Better luck with the Bolognese sauce next time!
Praying for your health.

marigold jam said...

So sorry to hear you are still not well and unable to cook the sauce for Spag Bol!

Having said I don't care for CK stuff I actually do rather like the first 2 tins you show!

Get well soon.

Jane x

Sarah said...

Em, that did make me chuckle about your son and the sauce. My son point blank refuses to eat 'ready meals' if I'm in a hurry, despite only using them once in a blue moon!
Get well soon.

VintageVicki said...

Hope the meds kick in soon and you are feeling much better.

Had to chuckle at the hornets nest your CK comments stirred up!

Your son obviously has good tastebuds ;)

Megan said...

sorry to hear about the health, your family seems to be having a bit of a bad run at the moment. i vote the healthy ones take over the food preparing for the rest. hope this new medication works as planned

Pondside said...

We don't see too much CK stuff here, although I do have a lovely shopping bag that a friend sent me from ther UK.
Your son has a great future ahead of him - sounds like mine when he was that age. I let him loose in the kitchen and he is no the cook in his little family.

summerfete said...

Hi Floss

I do like some CK, mainly the fabric (especially when its on sale!)

I like you enjoy our own vintage finds :0

I bet my patchwork pieces stay unmade for a long time, I'm just enjoying the inspiration of them for now.

Whats your patchwork like then?


tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Although I do like the bowls and I do own 2 lovely bags, I can not understand why people go mad for C.K. when there are lots of beautiful, original pieces out there.
I buy and sell vintage and my items are more individual and a lot less expensive.
CK has brought vintage into the mainstream but it is annoying that people will spend vast amounts on her stuff and complain about the prices of the proper stuff!
Rant over
Tracey said...

Yes I really do agree with the comment about the price of CK! I only have a couple of small items, they are too expensive, and You can get the ideas from there and try to replicate.
Your Son is so right! The sauce out of jars is not a patch on the real thing! Hope you get better soon! suzie. xxx

summerfete said...

Forgot to add that I'm going with the white border on my crochet, so thanks for your imput!

Lululiz said...

Bless his little cotton socks, I love your son's reaction. Its just so good to know that there are kids out there who appreciate proper home cooked meals, instead of mass prepared stuff.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sorry you still are not feeling well.
CK is not my style, but it is good we don't all like the same things. :)
That is funny about your son and the sauce.
Take care of yourself.

Serenata said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Floss. {{hugs}} How lovely that your son values your cooking so much though!

As to our house, no it is not at all large, is rather small and yes we are a bit cluttered - trying to clear FIL's house ready to sell! I think the machine will have to languish in the loft for a while '-)

Angela said...

Oh the last one - small and prone to spots, just like me!!!
What a lovely child you have to comment about your sauce. [which our family always called Blog - years before the internet existed]
Hope the pills work
blessings xx

jus said...

Haha...Mr Dolmio must be cying into his tomato plants!!
I'm not too fussed on the flowery top but I'd kill for the models hair...long red tresses, divine!

Rebecca S. said...

Yes, we scratchcooks create snobs in the kitchen, but I think that's a good thing, too!
I hope you are feeling better very soon. What a drag to be ill.

TheMadHouse said...

Floss, please take it easy Mrs, as I have said virus' have a bad habit of being pretty bad sometimes. Yours son is so like maxi, he wont eat at other peoples houses, as he only likes my cooking - he likes to help and we make everything from scratch!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh dear... you are putting me to shame... "I must try harder in the kitchen" will have to be my new motto... I hope you feel better soon.. and take it easy even if it means jar sauces for a while...

x Alex

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Floss
Thank you so much for your prayers and very comforting words. It does help.

Thank you
Take care
Isabelle x

mise said...

I've just put in a CK order (yes, I was lured in by that magazine of theirs) so I have to fool myself that it's worthwhile until I've forgotten how much money I spent. Mind you, I still haven't made the bag that came with 'Sew', so clearly the effort of making my own versions would not be for me.

Hope the virus and the cooking situation eases soon.

Joy said...

How funny your son knows his stuff. I buy Spaghettios over here in the U.S. My kids eat it as a snack sometimes. It really is kind of gross. My neighbor was keeping them a while back and my daughter requested a can of Spag. My neighbor told her she was half Italian and refused to make any thing that came out of a can. They make all their own sauce too. It was funny. Good for your son for having such a discerning palate. But when Mum isn't feeling well a less discerning one would be appreciated. :)
Hope the knew meds do the trick for you. We want you back 100%.
♥ Joy

The Curious Cat said...

Yes, you should be proud of your son. As a mega spag bol eater /expert in matters of spag bol, I was most dismayed when my ex (then boyfriend) told me he still prefered the domio sauce bolognaise compared to magnificent tastey bolognaise made from scatch...heathen! But that is what he was raised on is a comfort thing for him I guess...still...not impressed at all. You can see why he had to

bad penny said...

Oh Floss what a giggle - I put " the cat among the pigeons " ages ago when I remarked to Suzie ( itch2stitch ) that I didn't really like Cath Kidson !!! I was expecting a lightning bolt but Suzie just sent me to the naughty step.

I really hope they can sort out your thyroid & you will be the pasta mom again soon - mind you isn't it wonderful when the kids take over making it ? xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all of your efforts with the swap. It is a lot for you to deal with when you're not feeling so good. Hope you are much better soon.xx