Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gâteaux and guitars

Last night's gâteau des rois was the other brioche-based ring. If you remember, our first one had crystalised fruits on it, and traditionally this one has orange-flower-water-flavoured sugar on it. We went a bit wild and bought a chocolate-orange one, though! Mmmm.
The fève was one of a collection of traditional Pyrennean jobs - Ben found it and it was the slate-worker. What some of you commented on yesterday's post is of course true - fèves could be a risk to teeth, although probably not for choking. The French attitude is very reasonable though; basically to be aware of risks and act sensibly, rather than to expect businesses to remove all possible risk. Very refreshing.My other excitement has been a trip to a couple of troc shops to buy a small guitar for Son 1 with the Christmas money given for the purpose by my parents. Ben was very dubious that I would find a three-quarter sized one outside of the main music shops, which of course made me all the more determined! I am going to have to try hard not to be excessively smug when showing him this one. A bit smug, obvously, but not to excess. Must practice.
Son 1 started his guitar lessons last term, borrowing my rather large guitar, and now that he is more established I think that it will be very good for him to have his own, easier to handle. He loves his guitar tuner, passed on to him by Serenata, and we've also bought him a stylish guitar case and a stand. All set to actually learn a tune, now...
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TheMadHouse said...

Wow, what a fantastic find and yes the Franch attitude is so refreshing and by far beats the sometimes overly H&S attitude we are getting (fron the US I do fear), my mum's neighbour was stopped from cleaning the ice off the pavement outside his front door, inacse he hadnt done a good enough job and someone sued him. This is so sad.

Lululiz said...

Some smugness is definitely allowed after that fabulous find! How on earth do you do it? I bet your son is so chuffed with this guitar.

Sal said...

Hi Floss!
The gâteau des rois look gorgeous!

I so wanted to play the guitar when I was young. Being quite musical, I had piano lessons but I had quite small hands and found the guitar quite lovely mum went to a local music shop and guess what... she bought me a Ukelele!! That was so much easier!!

Hope your son enjoys his new instrument!


VintageVicki said...

Hope your son enjoys your brilliant find :)

Little son is my musical one - plays violin & a bariton. He's saving hard for his own violin at the moment - almost there.

I am enjoying hearing about the 3 Kings festival - something I've never really heard much about before.

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Those cakes look amazing!!!

I found this great post from a New Orleans, Louisiana native, who's celebrating their version of the French celebration!

The Curious Cat said...

Aw, that's nice -I never realised you could get smaller guitars! :) Hope you enjoyed the cake - it does sound lush! xxx said...

The french attitude is a much better one I think! I think health and safety in this country has just gone a bit too far, treating every one like mindless idiots and worrying about being sued too! In one part of the country, a town clock that has been wound up for years, is not being wound up anymore because the person who did the task had to go up a ladder and he had no certificate!!! Lovely guitar! suzie. xxx

Carol said...

Happy New Year Floss. What a lucky boy, what a find! will you be having a little pluck at it?
Carol x