Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reaching Out Around the World

These lovely little chocolate caramel koalas made their way to the boys' hearts this week, before quickly making their way to their stomachs, too! They had been sent from Australia (where else?) by the wonderful Beck, of Dandelion. If you don't know her blog yet, and I'm sure many of you do, pop over ASAP for a lovely dose of crafts, family, vintage and, wonderfully, organic garlic farming!
Very sweetly, Beck wanted to send me one of her lavender hearts, and asked me what kind of colour scheme I would like. Aren't you proud of me? I was brave enough to move away from blue, because I loved these greeny-pink fabrics so much. It really looks wonderful in our green bedroom - thanks so much, Beck!
Ah-ha, so this is the little bottle Beck was worrying about through its voyage - no damage inside that lovely rainbow fabric, Beck!
Just the boys' absolutely favourite essential oil - they swear by it on mosquito bites, and of course it's very relaxing too. Lovely stuff!
Here is Beck's hometown of Daylesford, on the postcard between some more French items (the coke bottles that keep appearing in my decor are the boys' holiday souvenirs - 'Breizh' means Brittany and it is rather special to drink local cola on holiday, especially with such a great logo). Anyway, back to Daylesford... I want to visit! It really looks wonderful.
Have you spotted (I bet Lululiz did) that some of my photos were taken on some kind of vintage lacey, embroidered thing? Oh yes, the package looked like this when I unwrapped it:
Beck had found the most wonderful vintage Christmas table cloth! I cannot imagine how she had sufficient strength to give it away, myself. Even Ben likes it - he thinks the design is simple yet striking, which he considers to be good Australian design qualities. Can't wait to put it on the table... Thanks again, Beck, that was a really lovely surprise!
Back to our Round the World theme, and also very much in keping with the Challenge of the Utmost Kind, my French friend Isabelle was selling second hand children's clothes yesterday, to fund the postage of yet more clothes to Russia. Isabelle, who speaks superb English, got involved with the British charity Love Russia a while ago, and this year she and another friend from church went out to Russia for a while to help the charity's work.
Love Russia is an amazing group - Isabelle and Ruth were there running children's activity clubs in orphanages and homes for disabled children this summer, but the charity also helps prisoners and abandoned babies. Isabelle has loads of clothes for all these groups, but needs cash to post them off, so she sells some of the best stuff to fund postage for the rest. What a great idea - I am really in awe of what Isabelle and everyone at Love Russia are doing for children who up until now have led such terrible lives.
As well as T-shirts, jumpers and trousers for the boys, I bought the two books above. They are very modern - none of that dated '90s look that so many of my craft books have, and I already love them!
This is the first one - 'Customise your Wardrobe'. Sounds Very Flossie, as Ben would say... The author is a contributor to the French Marie-Claire Ideas magazine and I love her style, both in the clothes and in the way she presents and chats about everything.
Does this jumper give CK fans any ideas? How many bloggers have adored the big, grey, flowery jumper in the CK winter catalogue, and then baulked at the price? I think I'm going to have a go...
NOW who dares ask me what I'm going to do with all those buttons?
The author has four 'looks' throughout her collection - this is in the 'esprit British' range - I think she's captured British spirit quite well!
And now to the other book, which is just entitled 'Embroidery'. I've hardly looked through it myself ( it's important to eek out your pleasures on this challenge) but it really looks fantastic. It's actually a translation from an English language book.
There's information on how to treat and use vintage embroidery:
And the photography is so creative - look at the setting for this wonderful crazy patchwork quilt!
So I'm a very happy shopper, and Isabelle can post eight more kilos of clothes to the children in Russia. It's a very good feeling.


Lululiz said...

Lululiz had indeed spotted that lacy bit poking out from under the heart, and wondered what it was. The tablecloth is very beautiful and brought back memories of Christmasses spent at my grandmother's house. She always had lovely embroidered Christmassy tablecloths. I am so looking forward to getting all my Christmas things out soon. Maybe I can use blogging as an excuse to get things out earlier, to show, lol.
The Customise your Wardrobe book looks like a really good find. I love that jumper, might have to give that a go myself.

Pomona said...

What lovely pressies from Beck! And the books look fantastic too, especially accessorized with Jack Be Little: I have a line of them on the mantel above the Aga - I think they look particularly good with blue!

Pomona x

Jackie said...

Floss ~ that was a very lovely package to have received. What an absolutely amazing Christmas table cloth ~ it's beautiful :O)

marigold jam said...

Love that crazy quilt - naturally! I used to like to get the Marie Claire Idees magazine each quarter as it had some lovely crafts in it. Lucky you too with those gifts.


Elizabethd said...

What a super parcel to have received! The books look so interesting...I may just have to have them sent to Brittany!

A Bun Can Dance said...

hello again, Floss
I buy my spiced Chai from our local healthfood shop, but I've just looked up the Chai Latte website which is here:

And here's another mail order website:

So maybe you will be able to enjoy some Chai in the coming winter days!

How lovely to have put your washing on the line today - I've not done that for over a week!
D x

TheMadHouse said...

The tablecloth is very special indeed. What lovley gifts to receive from the Southern Hempiphere or as the minimads would put it The land of The Wiggles!!!

I like the jumper too and the funky cola bottles.

Sarah said...

OK Floss, big confession coming right up...

That jeans cushion was meant for you. I'm so bad. I am going to make another one just the same for you, but I didn't want to wait. At least I know you like it now. He he! I thought it would look great on your 'Worldly sofa' as I am now calling it.

Please forgive my greediness!

VintageVicki said...

SOme lovely pressies - you lucky thing.

Question - can you get the Cadburys Elves in your corner of France? If not and if your boys would like some I can send some over?? Let me know.

Vicki xx

Sarah said...

What lovely goodies, and I love the tablecloth.

Angela said...

Now I have to find a jacket to sew some buttons on! What a superb book!

Lola Nova said...

What a wonderful lot of pretty things. I love lavender oil, it's my husbands favorite as well.
Always nice to hear of people doing such good works.

VintageVicki said...

Will hold you to the Easter choccie swap :)

My boys love the Elves - oddly though despite me buying them they don't get them very often - think we have mice ;)

Shabby Chick said...

Lovely lovely things! The tablecloth especially is wonderful.

The Love Russia charity sounds really worthwhile.

Mel xxx

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love it all, but I have to admit that the buttons on the collar is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Lovely presents , great books !!! :D

Have a nice weekend!


Michela said...

Hi Floss, I'm not leaving a comment about this post. I read the message you left on Happy's blog and just wanted to tell you how much I've been involved with your words, you're really a noble-minded woman. Best wishes for your mum and a big hug to you. said...

Love Russia is an amazing and worhtwhile cause! Love all your goodies , really wonderful! I am having my first giveaway over at my place, come and take a look! suzie,xxx

beck said...

Hi Floss, I'm so glad you liked the little parcel from Australia and that it all arrived intact! When I saw the Christmas tablecloth I thought of you straight away, so I'm glad you like it. It was so lovely seeing my bits and pieces on your blog tonight, and reading your words, it made me feel so good!! I have had a long,long hot day harvesting garlic and it was a nice surprise to come home to. You are always very generous & thoughtful in your comments and I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates that. So thankyou! Better hop into bed now, see you soon x0