Friday, November 20, 2009

Half a Month of Gratitude

November has been a month full of gratitude in blogland, and I’ve found it wonderful to read the posts of so many grateful people, particularly as autumn turns into winter in the northern hemisphere. Today I am feeling particularly grateful (most of you know most of my reasons why), and I thought I’d try to fit half a month’s worth of gratitude into one post! Read on, because there are some great links… I’m grateful that we live in a sunny, charming part of France.
I’m grateful to Ben for having the idea of coming out to France in the first place, and grateful that I had (just enough) courage to listen to him.
I’m grateful that my mum brought me up to love thrifting and antiques.
I’m grateful that I love very small treasures…
I’m grateful to the blogging community for reminding me of how wonderful my collection of small vintage treasures is.
I’m grateful that local Vide Greniers have been full of affordable excitement and characterful stallholders all summer.
I’m grateful that we now have a computer that works!
I’m grateful for specific help from bloggers when I first spoke about setting up a little shop – particularly to Sonia who told me about the Paypal Buttons… … and Elizabeth who reminded me about French tax law! I’m grateful for the buyers – you know who you are! I’m grateful that my email link was working when everyone was buying last night – something went wrong with it this morning! I’m grateful that Tif and Toni have posted some really super advice and ideas for wrapping packages recently…I’m grateful that I’ve always saved padded bags!
I’m grateful that I had time to visit the post office when there were no queues today.
I’m grateful that the man at the post office was prepared to spend lots of time on me as I worked out all the posting options – things will be easier next time!
Thanks to all of you, for your part in that, and thanks to God for all these good things and more.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you have been busy, and that is a good thing! :) I have a lot to be grateful for also.

Serenata said...

So many wonderful things to be grateful for. :-)

Lola Nova said...

Such a nice post. So amazing that you sold out, what a way to start out!
I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to get to know you just a little. I love visiting your little place here.

Have a wonderful weekend

beck said...

Floss how did I miss this shop business? I must have been off with the fairies! I'm so excited for you and me as I hope to have a little purchase or two in your fine establishment! When you restock! I loved reading of your gratefulness, it's so good to acknowledge the great things and people in our lives. Well done sweetie! xo

beck said...

Floss, I forgot to say you should play along with this weeks meme My Collection. Just click on the Foxs Lane link on the left side of my blog and join in! It should be alot of fun! xo

Sarah said...

Absolutely fabulous that your shop was such a success. Well done. Bet you're out there this weekend scouting for more goodies to fill your shelves. What fun!

You do have a lot to be grateful for as do I. I am grateful to have you as a bloggy friend too.

Sal said...

We certainly have so much to be grateful for!
I'm looking forward to seeing the next batch of goodies in your shop!
Have a lovely weekend! ;-)

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Floss, you are gorgeous...It's good to be grateful and thankful, thanks for sharing...
I really didn't know you had a little shop either...
hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Carol said...

That is a good list Floss but I did like the grateful you saved all those padded bags! made me smile. I have to agree with the above comment most, you are a gorgeous person, I am grateful I have had the pleasure in meeting you in blogland.
Carol x said...

I love it when people spend time to be grateful. because when you do you realise there is so much to be happy about! suzie. xxx

Pomona said...

It's always good to count your blessings, isn't it, and I think we are all too inclined to forget. And congratulations on the astonishing success of your shop!

Pomona x

Sarah said...

I agree with Pomona - I think we should count our blessings every now and then.
Well done on the blog shop, you have some lovely goodies.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!