Saturday, November 7, 2009

From Country Lane to Town Road

Our house is on the edge of the town. The road is used as a bit of a rat run, and there are some houses and some fields on one side, with an estate of houses and flats on the other. It has been a dangerous road to walk along, as there were no pavements and a rather variable quality of verge. Recently, the diggers came in, followed by the workmen and the red and white tape. This was the result! You can see I took the photos while the weather was still good here.
This is the field side - a deep ditch like this used to run on the other side of the road too, but it has now been channelled into a large drain with a wide pavement on top.

I feel we've gained a lot more than we've lost. We never really were on a country lane - just a town road without the advantages of urbanisation! Now we have a smart pavement which makes the road much safer - Son 1 will be able to take Raja for a walk all winter, even when it is dark when he gets out of school.
Thanks for all your comments on my last post. A can of worms has been opened by Amy, Sarah and now by me, I think! I personally don't want to Blog the Grot (hey, that would be a title for the party you were talking about, folks), but I want people to know it is there - it would be so hysterically false if people thought the pretty things and good boy-behaviour I post about are the only side of life here in our home. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses in their lives, things they want to share and things they want to forget! We need to remember that whenever we read a pretty blog.
Laura, who has a stunningly beautiful yet strikingly human blog over at 52 Flea, summed it up when she left this comment yesterday: 'I think it is amazing that we can find any time at all to be creative and blog about it as well! So, hats off to you and to all of us....we're pretty darn awesome! We're real women!'
Thanks, Laura - and all you other awesome people out there!


marigold jam said...

Glad your road is now safer to walk on. Hope your husband got back OK - bet you were glad to see him again. Enjoy your weekend warts and all!!


Floss said...

Oh, yes, thanks, I forgot I hadn't told you! Ben is safely home, although with a bad cold. We're planning a family evening in with a movie.

TheMadHouse said...

Wow a fantasticly wide pavement. I would rather have the pavement anyday

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Thank goodness for the repairs to your road! I grew up in a busy suburb of Boston on a main road which was very dangerous, so I know what a welcome sight a safe sidewalk is! ;)

Sarah said...

That is a huge footpath! Are they all that wide? Love the brick bits in between the slabs.

I know what you mean about feeling a bit more country before the footpath went in. Funny how we think. Your house still looks very country to me with that huge amount of land around it.

Loved your shadow on the ground. You look stunning with that lovely skirt shape. Even elegant perhaps.

karen said...

It's nice to feel your out in the country but I bet it's even nicer to know that your son's are that much safer when they go out.

I totally agree with what your saying about " blogging the grot. It is very easy to look at a blog that is very styled and edited and think I want that life. But if you think about it we all have the clothes airers hanging around, the little pile's of clutter and children who misbehave and it might be a tad more refreshing if more of us blog about these things from time to time ( But i'm totally refusing to show you my dirty windows hehehe).

Hope you are all well

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am new to your blog and I am enjoying it. Love the country road. I will be back again and again. Blessings, Martha

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Gosh Honiton Lace sounds divine, I must find out about it! My Mother's family are all from Devon and Cornwall too but further South so I should really know about these things already!

We live on the outskirts of the village and there are absoloutely no footpaths and no street lights si it gets pretty hairy after dusk!

Hope you are having a great weekend,

Sarah x

Jeannette said...

Yay for must be nice to know that the boys can safely walk along that street.
And on being honest while blogging. I´m far from the perfect housewife and will never become one. I sometimes show the complete and utter mess that is called our livingroom and also blog about me being a slob. ;)
Would I love to have my house to be perfect? Absolutely! But do I really really care? No. So I look at all those gorgeous blogs and just enjoy it. And realise they had to clean up their too and are just better in doing that than I am. ;)
Have a great Sunday, Jeannette

Anonymous said...

Dear Floss,thank you very much for the comments you left on my blog,they mean a lot to me..
have a nice Sunday afternoon and evening!Manka

Pomona said...

Floss, I have followed your example and photographed my house just as it is today, and now instead of tidying it up I am going to sit by the fire and knit. I am glad you have a pavement to walk on now - I sometimes wish that we had one when we walk up our narrow, muddy lane with blind corners and big puddles!

Pomona x

sharie said...

Its much safer to have a good wide footpath on a country road. Too many accidents occur otherwise as car drivers don't seem to think people use the roads for walking down - at least none of the drivers near us!

Just catching up on you while I have a spare minute ;-)