Friday, November 13, 2009

An Advent Event – Floss rambles her way towards some suggestions

I got up early this morning, as Son 2 was also up to finish off his homework – he’s good at getting it done in the mornings. I cleaned mirrors, sinks, baths and toilets while he revised, and I tested him on giving directions in Spanish whilst laying the breakfast table.
After breakfast the boys and I cycled off to College together, and I went on down to the lake. Crossing the small bridge, I stopped to look at the point where our own little stream meets the town’s river. There was an enticing gurgling sound as its waters joined the murkier flow, and the pause was much appreciated.

After around a minute of listening to the gurgle and flow of the streams, I began to notice the visual details of the scene. Small yellow leaves were flowing with the current, standing out against the brown pebbles in the river bed. As human minds do, my mind began to relate what I was seeing to human situations. I thought of the pretty leaves bobbing along as all of us bloggers, jiggling along, mostly happily, through the varied waters of our lives. I saw three yellow leaves temporarily held up against a stick in the water, and it felt to me that they were having a much-needed pause in their journey, just like my own break on the footbridge.

Soon they were joined by a round, green leaf, and I thought how good it was to pause with others who have different experiences and ideas, as well as with those who are similar.
This was all influenced by my thinking about an Advent blogging event, of course. I would love to be able to join with other bloggers in little pauses throughout Advent.
The activity, the busy-ness, the rush to prepare for Christmas are all going to be fun, but I would personally like to have reason to stop every week, to pause, and to reflect. If you would like to contribute your own little something to those pauses, then my next questions are for you!
I have been doing these pre-Advent posts on a Sunday. Sundays in Advent are very meaningful, as they are usually when people light the candles on their Advent crowns. Advent always starts on a Sunday – this year at the end of November.
Thus, I’d quite fancy inviting people to do a series of four posts on any kind of Advent theme that interests them, each Sunday in Advent.
However, given that not everyone posts on a Sunday, we could make it a Saturday/Sunday event, or a Sunday/Monday one. Please let me know what would work for you.
I will do a post on each Advent Pause day, giving a link to everyone else who has told me that they’ll be involved.
I’d really like people to post about what’s important to them. It would be a shame if every contributor was the same. For some it may be about the family time they are spending with an Advent Calendar or other crafted delight. For others it may be about their Advent traditions old or new – ‘traditions’ was one of the key words of your comments on my pre-Advent posts. For myself I think I’d like my posts to be reflective; to give me some kind of reason to take a break from the Christmas rush and re-focus my priorities.
So, please tell me, will you join me to take a little bloggers’ pause each week in Advent? And if so, how should we do it?
PS I'm posting this today because I'm going to take a little 'pause' away from blogging this weekend - parties, music rehearsals etc are going to make me quite busy enough without blogging too!


Olga said...

Autumn is a great time for reflections and contemplation of the fading weather... I love autumn. This one is especially great for me :). I loved the pictures. Have a good break Floss!

marigold jam said...

I would be willing to join you in some reflective pauses during the run up to Christmas. It can be a time of madness and bustle and we often forget the real reason for it in our struggle to achieve the sort of Christmas pictured in the magazines don't we? Count me in.


Apron Senorita said...

Floss, I think it is just a wonderful idea to do the 4 Advent posts. For me, the Sunday/Monday posts works best. I like to think of it as a good start to my week. I like the reflective point also. Please do count me in. ~ Yoli :)

Pomona said...

I will love to read your posts, but I am not sure if I can commit to participating at the moment. I have one book project to finish off, and another couple due to arrive for editing any day, so I am not sure how my my time will go. This is all in addition to increased hours at the day job, so I could be stretching myself a bit thin over the next few weeks!

Pomona x

jeannette stgermain said...

When I paint on Sunday (my 3 posts this, and last week) I HAVE TO reflect - so not only during the Advent time, because I don't want to paint just anything:)
Love the leaves on the branch!

Sarah said...

I'm planning to do a bit of an Advent thing each day with a picture, so I could probably stretch to a bit of blogging on a Monday. I can't promise it will be on time each week as some days there just isn't enough time as you well know! Lovely idea.

Ticking stripes said...

Hi Floss - thank you for popping over and giving me th answe to my question! Great idea but not sure i can commit - I'm having to stop myself taking on so many commitments at the moment. I've even give up my allotment (sob - well it couldn't be blogging could it?))

Michela said...

Hi Floss! Great pictures!
I read this post yesterday and I'm still thinking if joining or not, I'm not sure to have understood how it works and the themes.
Have a lovely weekend xxx

jus said...

Course I will...sounds grand! Sunday/Monday probably would be best,look forward to hearing more soon, x

bad penny said...

Floss I adore this post - the leaves in the water are stunning.

Not sure if I can joun - I don't mind adding one or two thoughts & reflections if that's what you want.... xx

Michela said...

Bonjour Floss!
Thank you for your explanation..if the theme is vague you can count me in, please! I think I will blog about the tradition in my family, as I have already written a lot about regional/national traditions!
Saturday/Sunday/Monday suit perfect,as my job doesn't let me other chances to have some spare time! Thanks!

Kaye said...

Hi, Thanks for the invitation. We love Advent and would be delighted to join you in this delightful new Advent tradition. :) I'll be blogging about Advent through the eyes of a Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandmother, so will probably be a mix of devotionals and projects. Thus, the Sunday/Monday works great for me as well. I'm looking forward to reading the various posts as a new highlight of the season. :)

Lyn said...

everytime I go to comment on a post on some one's blog I notice you have already said what I wanted to say so I thought it was about time I introduced myself and said hello!
I'm following your blog now so I will keep popping back often.

Angela said...

This is a great idea - count me in x

claire said...

Floss I would love to join you x
I have lots to blog about...making traditions, and family and also like you the pausing to reflect xxxx
(may need a nudge but I have high hopes that this week I'll get my act together and I will be planning ahead!!!)