Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Waiting House

The house is strangely empty at the moment...Areas that I love to decorate are sitting bare. I've decided to wait until Advent - leaving them clear for a few days until the Advent decorations go up. I read the suggestion of leaving an empty shelf in the Happiness Project and in Simple Abundance, and my natural response ('yeah, right') has finally worked its way around to accepting that it might be a good idea, just for a few days.

But some areas got the Floss-makeover before I came around to this idea! I reluctantly banished blue from our mustard shelves, and was rewarded with some lovely autumn/winter shades. The shepherd plate was a gift from a friend who spent a year in Germany. The sheep pottery is from a Devonshire friend - they knew my pastoral tastes!

Ben's 1970s/'80s Christmas mugs have come out. I like them interspersed with green vintage bottles.

Goodbye blue plates - welcome back reds and pinks! I never thought of putting the English florals with the French stencils before, but they work...

The little chocolate bowls have found a new home.

My mum bought us a Portmerion breakfast set (secondhand, naturally) when we were getting married. We've been fond of Portmerion ever since, but it's not always easy to display it without it either taking over or getting lost. So this little combo, with a few candles in the egg cups and all placed alongside French china and a warming winter tipple, pleases me.

Here's the overall view - lots of lights on otherwise the plants die in a traditional French house. I keep the houseplants outside all summer but there seems no choice but to turn on the low energy bulbs in the winter. We lost so many plants in our first few years...

So I've shown you the one busy area, but the rest of the living area is positively bleak as it waits for Advent. I'm going to be taking a total blogging break until Sunday - Christmas present crafting has fallen horribly behind, and I'm jolly well going to finish my PILs' presents before I come back for the first Pause in Advent. If you still want to join in this blog event, details are in the sidebar. The only rule to remember is: there are no rules. No apologies - post what you like, when you can. See you on Sunday!


helen tilston said...

I like the idea of leave a blank space - the eye needs to rest periodically.
I will look forward to seeing your Advent vignette

Helen x

Purrfect Haven said...

I know what you mean about reading about clearing (I too, love Simply Abundance)... but the joy of seeing what you do when you fill a spot.. is .. well.. 'simply' .. lovely. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

Cape Cod Washashore said...

You've decorated beautifully with your china! I love the chocolate bowls! I've always been fond of Portmerion (we sell it in our Cook Shop)! ;)

Kit said...

Loving your china! So pretty! Kit

A Trifle Rushed said...

Could you come and clear some space in my house? I have friends who (are organised enough) to create space before Christmas. I can never quite manage it, indeed I have three Christmas cakes under the table, as there is no space on top.
I am looking forward to the Pause for Advent. It will do me good to think a little, and reading other people's posts will be so interesting and illuminating.

Serenata said...

Lovely Floss, wish I could say the same about having some bare shelves and empty spaces, but sadly not. Although I do believe it is getting slightly tidier ;-)

Moved a few things around in anticipation of Advent (oh and wanting to keep 'Annie' up at the house in the lounge) but just don't seem to have the room - I wonder if I push on the walls??

Have a good bloggy break.