Monday, November 21, 2011

A sunny Sunday afternoon in late November...

... Ben and I ate an appropriate 'ploughman's' lunch outside, next to the holes he was digging for our silver birches. I went back to the Vide Grenier, by bike this time, and, sadly, the kind ladies had not been able to find the other kitchen canisters in mum's garage. But they gave me the lids anyway!

After these photos were taken I went into the utility room for a grand clearout - A Thrifty Mrs' 30 Day Declutter was well-served by the sorting of jams and chutneys, the filling of a Charity Shop bag and the removal of a surprising hoard of broken things, stored surely more in hope than in any realistic expectation of further use.Son 1 helped Ben plant the trees in their holes and declared himself delighted that we'd chosen silver birches. He loves them for their strange, crumbly catkins, apparantly! Personally, we love the bark and the movement of the foliage, and are looking forward to eating under them next summer, and seeing the shimmering light and shadow of their leaves coming into our bedroom window on summer mornings.


helen tilston said...

I love silver birch and they will grow beautifully and be welcomed by you.
They foliage looks spectacular when the wind blows
Helen xx

Frances said...

Floss, I can just see you cycling back to check on the possible vintage treasures.

Too bad that the missing parts remain missing parts, but what you've written just lets those of us in other parts of the world to have a glimpse of how community is woven in your area.

Many thanks. Merci beaucoup!

Elizabeth Rimmer said...

sorry I won't have the time to join in A Pause in Advent this year - post book, there are many things that got away from me and I need to focus. I will be popping in, however, and I hope it goes well!

June said...

The silver birch will look amazing in years to come. What better than a ploughman's lunch for the workers!

Fat Dormouse said...

I too love silver birches for their gloriously dappled shade. We'd planted one in our house in Milton Keynes, and I was sorry to leave it when we moved. No room for trees in our tiny courtyard here!
I'm still umming about joining Pause For Advent - I've not really got much to say so I'm not sure I'll be much use...still debating, though. Maybe I can be a late entry!
Happy crafting!