Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A trip into the past at the Christmas Market

This week is turning into one of 'those' weeks - ill son, impossible to find doctor's appointments, incontinent dog and broken washing machine... but I am going to talk about something LOVELY instead! I loaded these photos up at the weekend, after we'd been to the English Christmas Market run by the Toulouse Women's International Group (photo from the local newspaper). The market is always good, thanks to the huge selection of English-language books donated by the wider ex-pat community, so as always, I bought some entertaining mystery novels:In addition, this year I found a few children's books - Son 1 is a big fan of William and I'll probably read the other two before putting them on my teaching bookshelves.

Then there was a selection of what you might consider 'informative or improving' books:and two bought only for their iconic Penguin covers:"Surely that completes your '10€ a bag', Floss?" you might ask, but no!

Photos and text from London in 1956.

A free bookmark of the period hidden inside...And evocative photos of the people and the fashions.In 1956 my grandma was just a few years older than I am now, and wore clothes and hats a lot like the ones below.

So just when I thought my 10€ bag really was full, these came out of a box, one by one:Some Latin translations (he was pretty good, 31/40) and notes were tucked in the books.This one is far more exciting for the graffiti than for the lessons!

I wonder if anything came of the infatuation with Leslie? Great '60s lettering there...

And that was 10€s' worth of books, to be read, kept, given away or returned to the stall next year!

Over on the White Elephant stall, red stickers meant 1€ each, and I thought these mugs would replace a few chipped ones in our blue and white kitchen.

Blue sticker = 2€ - a good price for these little Japanese quails on their box. I need to do some research about the mark on the base:

I thought that was probably it from the White Elephant, until I rounded a corner and found, tucked behind some cardboxes, THIS:

A year's worth (2004) for 10€! Happy reading for me...

And then tucked IN the same cardboard box, vintage French china.

3 for 1€.

I pointed out that they should get the china out of the box and onto the front of the stall - I do hope that a few other vintage shoppers came by...In addition, I bought the wintery candle set, complete with display plate and glass whatsits, for 1€. It's very sweet, but it won't be able to stay where I put it on the piano, as it rattles when Son 2 plays! He must be rather heavy-handed...So that sweet little trip into vintage France and London, via grammar schools and pilgrimages, cost me 30€ (all for charity) and a lot of rummaging.And inside the little Westminster Abbey bookmark, the best thought of the day. After the fair, we went for lunch with good friends who live nearby. Thanks, friends nearby and far away - you are better even than a haul of vintage books and china and a year's set of Country Living!


VintageVicki said...

What a haul :) Love all the vintage china especially the chocolat bowls - have found memories of a school trip to France when I discovered bowls of chocolat for breakfast!

Pomona said...

It must have been a bit of a struggle carrying all those books home!

Pomona x

Elizabethd said...

Floss, what a lovely time you had at the Christmas fair. And didnt you find some treasures!
I have to say that I wore a very similar suit to my first interview in 1959!

Pom Pom said...

HI Floss! I love the Shakespeare bookmark! How lovely! You found so many lovely treasures!
Are you ready to post your "A Childlike Christmas" thoughts tomorrow? I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with!

Betty said...

That was definitely your lucky day! The Country Living magazines and vintage china hidden within would be my favourite and the 1956 book too - I have pictures of my mum dressed in that style so it made me smile.

Serenata said...

A wonderful haul indeed Floss, loving the bookmark especially.

Although not sure how it is all going to affect your 'decluttering' ;-)

wendz said...

Out of all the great stuff in this post (those old Penguin books are fabulous - super find) the image that will stay with me all day is that of your son playing the piano and the clunking candles. I cannot begin to describe how I miss my children, and all the memory-building, daily bits and pieces of living with boys.

June said...

What a lot of lovely nostalgic finds. Love the sound of the book - The Cat Who Came For Breakfast!

Carol said...

Amazing finds, I love books - too much! I have a little collection of old penguin books and recently found this wonderful wrapping paper http://www.wildandwolf.com/collections/penguin_notebooks/penguin_spines_-_poster_wrap.htm I don't know what I am going to do with it yet, just know there will be something!
I'm having a Giveaway on my (new) blog, hope you'll visit and enter.
Carol xx

森morikomidori said...

so many delightful treasures! such a lovely post to browse :)