Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Pause in Lent - starts next Sunday/Monday

This is a selection of your own words which I put together in Wordle. I took a few of the things I'd said, and added in key words from the people who commented on my post last week. So thanks to all of you who commented - look at what Lent appears to mean to us!

Some words and phrases you used included:
new growth
learning curve
cleansing process
need to move on
painful sometimes

Very cheekily, I've included two of Sarah's phrases, even though she was explaining why she COULDN'T join in, as they were really busy de-cluttering and redecorating. The two phrases she used to describe their work were so relevant to Lent that I popped them in - can you even pick them out amongst the words that were acutally used about Lent? I think that's because Lent may be about de-cluttering, so thanks, Sarah!

So let's just look at the few basic organisational things. I'll run it like the Pause in Advent.
Please post on Sunday 21st or Monday 22nd February, and for every Sunday or Monday after that, up to Palm Sunday, which is March 28th (or the following Monday) this year. If you can't do one or it goes a bit late, you are forgiven in advance ;)
Your posts can be about what Lent means to YOU - no need to conform to what anyone else is doing! You may be reading something, learning from another source, or growing in the garden or in your soul. You may be crafting or sharing with children, or reflecting in silence. You may be looking to the past or to the future, to traditions or to new ways. Let us know about it in any way you like, and we will visit you and enjoy what you have to share. If you need inspiration, just look at your own words in the Wordle!
The Pause in Lent blog list on my sidebar should tell you every participant. I'll organise it so that it shows the most recently updated blogs once we get started. I'm also planning posts on Tuesday and Wednesday about the start of Lent, mainly from the point of view of British and French traditions, so if Lent is something you're not used to you might get a few ideas then!

If you would like to join the list, just let me know in your comment...

PS You know how you sometimes get an annoying line from a naff song stuck in your head?..
Today's line:

"And if you really love me, come on and let it SNOW..."


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

thanks for the link to Wordle - another new one for me - and what a good one!
I love that you are doing a pause in lent, i feel slightly guilty that i am not going to be participating as such, i just feel at the moment so much is going on, and i need to say 'no' sometimes.
Hope you have enjoyed the weekend.
I'll definitely be popping along to read participants thoughts on lent though.

Serenata said...

I do hope I'll have some access to a computer while I'm away as I'd love to follow this thread.

Have a lovely Sunday Floss & family.

TheMadHouse said...

Have a great day and thanks for the great post as always

Melanie said...

A lovely post Floss. Have a wonderful day. xxx

Andi's English Attic said...

But at least it's a funny line in a funny situation in a very funny film! xx

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

This is lovely, Floss!

My daughter had to use Wordle for a school project recently... I think it is a great tool!

Thank you very much for your note on my blog! Yes, feel free to add a link - thank you! =)

Angela said...

I love your Lent Wordle!!
Happy Valentine's Day - I hope the menin your family are making a big fuss of you
blessings x

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

The Worlde is lovely Floss - I am looking forward to joining in with this - it will be interesting to follow people around the world and learn how they see Lent and how they use it.

Elizabethd said...

Oh please...dont tempt the snow! We've had enough.

Floss said...

But it WAS snowing ALL MORNING! That's what set me off...

Kissed by an Angel said...

Happy Valentine's day to you!!!

Pondside said...

Hello again, Floss. I left a comment on the Pause in Lent post and then wondered if I should do it again here - please add me to list of participants. Thank you!

Sarah said...

I like your wordle thing. Never heard of it. But then you are more of a words kind of girl than myself. You always know how to put things so nicely and have such a huge vocab. I'll enjoy watching from the side lines this time.

Kaye said...

Hi Floss - How fun!!! I was just writing a post about doing something once a week with my grandkids to help us prepare for Easter, much as we did with your Pause in Advent. That, of course, reminded me to come visit here and lo and behold, you'd started this! How grand!

I'd love to join up again. In spite of my Lutheran background, I've always done much more with Advent than Lent. Mine will definitely be focusing on grandkids, and crafts and fun, while also talking about and thinking about our precious Savior and all He did for us and why we celebrate Easter.

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource and for all your great words of encouragement, including your fun Wordle. :)

magsmcc said...

Oh I am definitely in for Pause for Lent! I met Pom and Pom and Angela here last year! My favourite time of the Christian year.