Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's February, so it must be red - Part 2

As Valentine's Day approaches, the red theme seems to be taking over! It has spread from the calendar area...To a mirror at the other end of the L-shaped living area...

And includes a great Valentine's Day stamp!
You saw the red and gold books the other day,and here they are in situ above our glowing fire. I'm finding that the red and gold are keeping us nearly as warm as the logs.
Son 2 made and wrote on an origami heart in Sunday School last week.
He also found a piece of bamboo and developed a 'Chinese' themed section on the mantelpiece! It all ties in very nicely...
Here's one of those 'cables and all' photos, but I am loving the red candles in the candelabra - I moved this Vide Grenier find to fill a horrible gap behind the TV and I think it really works!
Now we're on to 'dust and all', shamelessly using the excuse that I've been ill. I found two matching slightly kitsch embroideries at a Vide Grenier in the autum and haven't really been happy with any arrangement until I completely split them up this week. One is on the table with the toaster and coffee machine,and the other is by the window with Son 2's shells in his Breton cola bottle.
And finally, here's the one bit of red which I just don't want to rearrange! Maria's lovely angel is far to good to put away after Christmas and I love the way she lurks behind the sweet red painted candlesticks and the turquoise candles.Just to finish the Valentine's Day red, I'll tell you how many of those items I found at Vide Greniers last year:
  • The three red tins and the ribbon in the calendar display.
  • The wood-painted metal mirror in photos two and three.
  • The fake red plums on the mantelpiece (I don’t love fake fruit, but the colour was too good to resist).
  • The Japanoiserie toothpick holder in Son 2’s ‘Chinese’ display.
  • The candelabra and red embroidery near the TV.
  • The red painted candlesticks in the last photo.

That doesn't include items from the Troc and Charity Shops - maybe I'll list them another day! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow - I am posting in advance as I have a Lent one scheduled for then. Thanks so much for all your well-wishes. I have some blood test results which look a bit better than last week's, but I have to wait for the doctor to tell me what they really mean!


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

what a homely home you have - I really enjoy your blog and all your books make me want to curl up at your house - I love reading but actually possess only a few cookery books - I can't stand hoarding but may have carried it too far! I do go to the library weekly though and will do a post on my latest reads soon. yaps.

Mami said...

How lovely valentine's display!! To be shamed,I dont have any decolative section at home though Today I just recieved chocs which i ordered on the online shopping of departmentstore:D

Have a happy Valentine to your family!!

Kate said...

I definitely approve of all that red going on in your home. Particularly loving the Lanvin stamp - great fun!

Happy Valentine's x

Kissed by an Angel said...

What lovely things you have!!

Serenata said...

What a lovely little tour of your red for Valentines Day. I haven't really done anything yet, so I better get cracking! I see you have some peacock feathers - I have some as well ;-) I love that your boys take a part in decorating as welll. Mine unfortunately aren't interested!

Glad to hear the results are slightly better.

Looking forward to your Lent post tomorrow

Lorraine xx :-)

Mary Poppins said...

Droooool, what beautiful items and interesting objects you have Floss, I love them all, and thanks for sharing.

You may like to know I have received a couple of VERY pretty magazines through the post ;)

Hugs and a happy Valentine's


marigold jam said...

Hope the results mean good things! I used to pore over mine but it was not good I had to wait to see the medicin!!

Love your cosy home with all that Valentine red.


Andi's English Attic said...

Am totally amazed at how great red and turquoise look together, and I love the candle holder you have by the TV. xx

Terry said...

The idea of red has made a massive difference!

Have a good valentines day!

steam showers

Pom Pom said...

Love all the red AND your cozy home!

Joy said...

Thank you for the peek inside your lovely home. Touches of red are wonderful aren't they. I went around and took pictures of mine too, but then forgot to post them in time.
♥ Joy

bad penny said...

hope you are feeling much better xx lovely little glimpses into your wonderful home

Lululiz said...

I hope that the better blood test results mean you are on the way to recovery. About time, you have been ill for so long, I hope it isn't getting you down. Have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Gabriela said...

A lovely home you have.
your embellishment in every where show all your heart and the special woman that you are.
Love the magic San Valentine's spirit in your home and memories.

Happy Day to you :)

With love, Gabriela, from Chile.

Pomona said...

I love your whatnot garland - and all that redness is lovely, too!

Pomona x

RosieP said...

Very romantic all the hearts and red, looks lovely.

Hugs RosieP x

Michela said...

I'm always amazed by the clever mix&match of the international bits into your home! Glad to hear you're on the mend. Have a great Valentine's Day! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Floss!
I have carried on reading and loving your blog, and now, I have a new blog. :)
Take care
Love Melanie xxx

Laura said...

Hi Floss,
Love all your reds! love seeing all the projects and sweet valentines of the boys. I hope you are feeling better. Happy Valentine's Day!
:) Laura