Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Holly is the young one - she's growing fast but she's not quite ready to lay yet.
She's very body-conscious, and always grooming, dust-bathing, or as you see here, sun-bathing. Son 2 was reaching out to shade her eyes - has ever a chicken had better treatment? Today has really been too hot for sun-bathing - 41° in the shade this afternoon!


Jane and Chris said...

Aah, the hens are both very pretty, and both seem to love attention!

dottycookie said...

So sweet - I hope she rewards your patient son by laying very soon!

Joanna said...

we got our hens last september and once they started laying have produced two eggs a day. Its marvellous although means lots of cakes and omelettes. Our hens are particularly spoilt by our children.