Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Line-drying sequel

Thanks for all your great comments about how you dry clothes, and why you like what you do! Feel free to let me know more on this post...What interested me most was something I'd already read about on the great Martha Stewart's website (yes, I scoff a bit, but I also admire greatly..!). I can't find the Martha link any more, but for those of you who are interested to follow up the issue that some American housing and community associations ban the drying of clothes out of doors, I have found some other interesting articles.
A charming journalist called Margi gives her personal account of going back to line drying in Pittsburgh. A really cute but informative read.
A discussion on the pros and cons of line drying, with comments from the California Assn. of Homeowners Assns(!)
Some practical information and links to other articles from Charles Hudson.
And my very own favourite clothesline blogger Sherri B, who has lots of lovely weather/clothesline stuff but you have to SEE THIS PICTURE! Go on, look at it. If you do nothing else with my links, look at that one! And then go and introduce yourself to Sherri.
Good grief, I'm in bossy mode today.


Lululiz said...

Oh the photograph on Sherri's blog made me chuckle, its priceless! Off to check the other links now. x

Kissed by an Angel said...

I love that photo on Sherri's blog!!! I'm off over to her blog now for a look round!!

Lola Nova said...

I have so enjoyed your laundry posts and your great photos. Last summer our ancient clothes line poles had to be taken down, I need to find an alternative now for the nice weather. I miss being able to just put it up on the line. Now when the weather is nice I have been known to construct elaborate drying "sculptures" out of chairs and deck railing :)

Sherri B. said...

Floss. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog. Now I really better be on my toes about posting... I will visit those links you have posted, I forgot all about when I googled clotheslines a while back and found all the people who aren't allowed to hang out...I remember I had a fit about it (now you've got me started again)....never mind, I just had to erase an enitre paragragh of ranting on the subject for fear of frightening all of your readers. With a more level head I will just say we must stick to our guns and always continue to hang out our beautiful clean laundry on OUR clothesline or whatever we have..I will now climb down from my soapbox. Have a great day.

Joy said...

One of my clothes line memories as a child was getting stung by a wasp. The wasp had built a nest inside our metal clothesline pipe and when I was out there hanging clothes it came right out and stung me.
It makes me sad to think my girls never the experience of hanging clothes on a line.
My grandmother had two clothes lines. One under in the back of her house that was more shaded for colors and the other out front where it was open to the sun.
Thanks for taking me back. I think I will be a little rebellious and string a small line across the back and see what happens.
♥ Joy

Sarah said...

Well bossy lady, I've gone and had a look at the photo and goodness what a funny photo. I like her dedication to line drying! I've always dreamed of a huge umbrella over my washing line for impromptu showers. Usually there's enough wind to dry the washing still.

And I just can't believe some people aren't allowed to hang their washing outside. Just rediculous... and very bossy!

Catherine said...

I love lines of washing drying! I have a rotary line and I HATE it! It just doesn't have the same appeal! :o)

Carol said...

I love to hang out my washing, I have a line, don't like the rotary ones. Imagine not being permitted to hang out your washing! What is wrong with washing blowing on the line? I think I would have to start some (not very) civil disobedience if I lived in such an area.
I have recently been buying curtains from charity shops to cover our conservatory suite so very pleased we have had a little bit of sunshine so I could dry them all outside.
I remember back in the 50's, when everyone had coal fires, Mum would put out lines of washing but, when she brought it back in, it had lots of sooty deposits.

Kelly said...

What a comical photo!!! How awful that some people are not allowed to hang their clothes out to dry? It doesn't seem real does it?

Pom Pom said...

The picture IS fantastic! I love it! Boss away, I don't mind! (o: said...

I love drying on the line! I mean the clothes , not me! ha ha! Suzie xxx

Sherri B. said...

Floss, thanks again to you for sending the girls my direction...I love the comments on this banning the line issue and I am so glad you brought it up. I am thinking about really digging in and getting more info so I can have a good post on it..

Josie-Mary said...

I've been enjoying hanging the washing out this week, it makes me feel so good......does that make me sad???
Even though we have a tumble dryer I never use it. I find if I hang washing up in my bedroom it dries in about a day, saves money & it's green.
Right I'm off to look at your links before you tell me off....hehehe!!! :) x

Andi's English Attic said...

Hahaha. That raincoat was very funny.
My uncle in 70's England wasn't allowed a clothes line in the garden, and my neighbours don't have a washing line. They have their laundry room in the attic.
I would say line drying is the best. Except when it rains unexpectedly, or a bird flies over and poops on the clothes, or a bumblebee gets trapped in a sleeve. xx

Country Bliss said...

Love the photo, very funny. I would hate not being able to hang my washing out, we've just had 10 days of sunshine and my washing has been out everyday.
Yvonne x

Maisey's Attic said...

Floss - I love the way you are so dynamic - I did indeed do as you suggested, and was very glad I did. Thankyou for your kind comments on my new blog. Wishing you a very happy weekend xxx