Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Handmade Slippers

I was absoutely determined to make the boys some slippers this year. Partly it was being on the Utmost Challenge, and partly it was because the slippers we've bought them over the past few years have been absolutely useless. However, the really cold weather is here (2°C this afternoon) and I have made one slipper.
It's a pretty good slipper, but unless they take it in turns to hop around the house it's not much use.
So hurray for the little old lady I met at a bitterly cold Vide Greniers this weekend, who was just finishing off the blue slippers above (modeled by Son 1). She had the rather fetching pair worn by Son 2 already on her stall. Those ones fit perfectly, but I had to put a bit of elastic around the blue ones before Son 1 was comfy. They are both very happy to have warm, handmade feet!


Lululiz said...

Yay, cosy little tootsies! I wouldn't mind a lovely pair like those either.

You still have vide greniers in your area? Lucky, lucky you. We don't seem to get any between late Sept and Easter or thereabouts.

marigold jam said...

Those slippers look really super. Our vide grenniers were all in the spring and summer months - winter ones sound fun though as it certainly wouldn't be too hot!


TheMadHouse said...

Oh lucky lucky boys. I will make some felted ones when I find the right thrifted sweater

Itch2stitch.com said...

I love those slippers, they are so cleverly made, they look complicated to me! That would be a very good thing to know how to make! suzie xxx

bad penny said...

they look cosy !

Floss - did I read somewhere you answered someone who was upset as she had bloggers deleting her from her followers list?

I think that sometimes you get simply overwhelmed at the number of blogs you have joined & added to your list.

Personally, I can only cope with one page of Blogs I follow... If I follow one & never receive a comment back, after a while I delete it. Likewise I would expect them to do the same !!!

It can be upsetting - but I have never looked at the list of followers - just cherish the comments on a daily basis.

Blogging can be very rewarding but can catch us feeling vulnerable too xx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Love the slippers, and can't wait to see your finished version.
Luv Sophie xxx

juanitatortilla said...

Mm! Warm toes!
We aren't getting anyway above 0 degrees, this week, I'm afraid. I could use a little nose cozy for my trip out to the supermarket.

Anyway, these crochet slippers are one of the best things. I've made a thick lush wool pair for my husband, and have yet to make one for myself.

Clever thinking on strapping on elastic!

VintageVicki said...

Warm feet are a must here now - first proper frost this morning with a promise of snowflakes later.

Know what you mean about shop slippers not lasting - my 2 get through them so quickly :(

coco rose said...

Oh how fantastic! I know what you mean about slippers...I have bought my sons slippers in the past and have been useless. Your ones look so cosy and toasty and I bet they will go down a treat! xxx

hip chick said...

I have just purchased a pair of hand knit slippers as well. They are just a tiny bit large. But, since they are all wool I can shrink or felt them a small amount and they will fit well. If your slippers are wool you may be able to do the same thing. But, the burning question is how did you get your son to wear pink slippers? There is no way my son would do it.

The Curious Cat said...

awww how sweet - they are cool slippers! :) I haven't heard the jeffro tull song - my mum is a big fan though so I'm sure she has...will seek it out! xxx What Christmas songs to the french play? xxx

Floss said...

They're purple, not pink, at least in my definition - I just said 'look at this cool purple' and he believed me!

The French don't play many songs at Christmas - check out Elizabethd's post at French Village Life if you want to know more...

Tabiboo said...

Very fetching indeed and they look nice and cosy - cosy toes, mmmmmmmmmmm!

How is your pre Christmas checklist going??

My friend Katy (that lives in France too) took her little ones to see Pere Noel at the weekend too - I think that is such a lovely name.

Have a lovely day,

Nina xxxxxx

Josie-Mary said...

They look lovely :)

Anonymous said...

My great-aunt made these for me when I was little. Very comfy!