Friday, October 30, 2009

Charity Shopping with Older Boys...

...I have proved it can be done!

Rule One - spend some money on them, first. Rule Two - let them spend some money from their doting grandmother. (And look - you wouldn't have found that little Lego knight in the meccano kit if you'd bought it new!)
Son 2's interpretation of Rule 2 - Dinosaur Top Trumps (on top of the recipe he cooked for grandma last night). He got an annoying Harry Potter wand too.
Quick aside- Son 1 made this great Norwegian dessert last night....
And then install them on a convenient bench (outsde Stockbridge Scotmid) where they can play their Nintendo DS games while I carry on shopping!
It worked a treat. I needed a handbag as the old favourite was fraying badly at the edges. Look what I found:
Good condition, real leather trims, WHAT'S THAT ON THE LABEL..?
Frankly, I think it's a fake despite the good workmanship, but everything fits neatly inside (for now).
Continuing the bright and pastel blue theme (and putting it all into my matching bag from Serenata), I got some great food-related items: more fondue forks in case we have more than 6 people at a time (we love choc fondues in the winter); silicon cup cake cases which, if they work, will be much more environmentally friendly and also cheaper than paper ones; a sweet enamel steak-and-kidney pie tin (although I won't use it for that) and two silvery napking rings (one pewter, I suspect) to make a more matching set for the kitchen table.
In Tesco I've also been stocking up on foodie essentials for Brits stuck in France as Christmas approaches (I made my own a few years ago - what a palaver!):Having completely forgotten to photograph the fleecy duffel-coat I bought, here is my last photo: a summery top and a roll of early 90s LA border (I loved that colour scheme at the time).
So we did it! Everyone had a good morning and I have had my fix of UK Charity Shopping for the autumn.
Apologies for the grainy photos, as Edinburgh is gloomy and my parents' photo editing programme seems to have lost a lot of its handy features! My mum is doing well and everyone is really enjoying the family time together.


Karens Hopes said...

Well done lots of good finds all round.

Serenata said...

Some jolly good finds in Edinburgh! I nearly bought a handbag from CS today. I was being really strong minded though - wish I wasn't as I think I'll regret it! ;-0

I did get a 'Blue' pair of brand new boots and a pink cardi from the same CS though.

Hope you are having a lovely time with your Mum

Lululiz said...

Hah, I knew you would manage it somehow, well done!
Glad to hear your mum is doing well, that must be such a relief for you.

Lola Nova said...

Well done indeed! I love that blouse that you found. I had intended a little thrifting this morning while the wee one was in school, alas lack of money and other pressing matters have put the stall on that. I have rapidly disintegrating curtains at the moment and was hoping to find some lovely sheets for making new, oh well.

Glad you are enjoying time with the family!

Pomona said...

I am glad you are having fun in the granite city - it is just as grey here today - I am coming to the conclusion that all photography is going to be a bit soft-focus until next spring! You are keeping up to reputation of charity-shopper extraordinaire - my recent finds pale in comparison! I am also glad that your mother is going on well - have a lovely weekend.

Pomona x said...

Hello Floss! Love that top, its a bit like one I have. Glad to hear that your Mum is enjoying your family time together. Happy Halloween weekend! suzie. x

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like a successful shopping trip. I know your Mother must really enjoy your visits.
Have a great weekend.

Josie-Mary said...

What great finds, I love the pie dish & the cases will work (I have some). Glad to hear your mum is doing well :)

Sarah said...

OK what's in the boxes for the Brits? Must be something rather special I'm guessing. I can't believe what good stuff you found in the op shop! We don't have good junk here in NZ. Glad you are having a lovely time with your parents. You are such a dedicated blogger!!

Elizabethd said...

Gucci, indeed! What a find, even if it is a knock off.
you really deserve a medal for finding things!

Serenata said...

replied to your comment via email and then realised you probably don't have access to it! So have posted it here...

Re returning to get the bag:
Very tempted! May have to go on a little outing tomorrow! ;-)

I think I'm going to have to make another owl - a twin - to send to you :-)

But first things first, I must actually do some food shopping tomorrow and do some much needed tidying up!

karen said...

Hiya hunni
well done of all the great finds. and winning the boy's round to the thrifty way of thinking. My little one love's nothing more than a rummage in the charity shop.
Hope your having a lovey time

Florence and Mary said...

Well done on the charity shop hunt

I always say that my poor nephew will hate it when he gets older and his aunt drags him round boot sales and charity shops!

Victoria xxx