Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cath Kidston - the World Tour!

Hello, everyone – we’ve still not sorted out our computer problems, but my friend has allowed me to use her computer to join in on this very special day – Lissylou’s ‘SHOW US YOUR CATH’ event! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world….
Well, if you’re coming CK shopping with me, first I’ll have to leave the country!

I’ll need my passport, in its trusty CK cover…
Some friends of mine were complaining that passport covers were useless, as you have to take your passport out of them every time you enter the UK. I said that I’d never actually been asked to remove my passport from its CK cover, and Matthew commented:
‘Well, they take one look at you, and they see that the passport cover matches the shoes, and they say, ‘Wow, this is one coordinated lady, we’d better not ask her to remove her passport from its cover’.” He could be right…

I’ll get any last minute ironing sorted,
Grab my bag made by Sharon of Clover Cottage,
Pack a picnic in case we get hungry at the airport,
Sit down in the garden for a final burst of French sun (I wish),
Say goodbye to the family,
And jump on the plane to arrive (some hours later)…. here!

Cath Kidston’s Edinburgh shop.
My parents live in Edinburgh, so this is where I’ve done all my CK shopping. It all came in one haul, back in April, I think!
Although I won’t be buying anything new there this coming year, thanks to the Utmost Challenge, I might just find the odd item second hand, mightn’t I? I’ll keep you posted…

Because I’ve got the privilege of borrowing a working computer this afternoon, I’m using it to post the Advent pics and ideas that I prepared for last Sunday. Do pop down to the two previous posts and have a look. Leave me your thoughts, please – I love to hear from you, be it about Cath Kidston, candles or Advent!


Michela said...

Hi Floss!
Blogland has become so boring without your posts!
I knew already that I wouldn't have been disappointed by your CK party! Now I'm off to read your Advent post, I've been waiting for it since last Sunday!!!!

Lululiz said...

Awww, there was me thinking you got your computer sorted, sorry its still not fixed, but thank your friend from me for letting you use hers. I have never been to a C.K. shop, would love to be let loose in one, I adore her things, every single one of them. I did find two CK mugs in our Debenhams the other day, those are my only CK treasures. I dream about finding some CK in a charity shop or at a bootfair, but I really can't see that happening anytime soon. Who would ever want to get rid of a piece of CK fabric or a CK tin or a CK anything really?

LissyLou said...

thanks for joining in floss - a great ck post xxxxx

Mami said...

Waht a pretty CK shop in Edinburgh!!
We have 6 shops in japan,though.
I am really pleased to have a world trip of Ck. said...

hello Floss, great post, and lovely CK goodies, love the part about the passport! I am having aLissy Lou party too, its great fun isn't it? Suzie. xxx

Lola Nova said...

Many thanks for taking me along on your Cath get-away. The shoes are darling! Not much chance of me finding anything in a charity shop over here in the states, perhaps something Cath-like...hmmm.
Glad to see your posts again!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love your ck post, Floss!! Love those shoes & passport cover too!!!
Great to see the bag is still going strong!! I'm soooo glad you like it!!! Iam intending on making myself another CK bag soon. Will post when I do.
Hope you all have a great weekend : )



Serenata said...

Lovely post Floss. I hope you manage to get your computer fixed soon - what a nuisance! I'm hoping to take some time to reread your advent post when I can take my time.

karen said...

Hiya hunni
How you doing I'd be pulling my hair out by now without an internet connection lol.
I do so love those shose um well I love all of it really my poor hubby has a heart attack every time we pass a cath kidston shop hehehe.

BusyLizzie said...

thank you for sharing your Cath goodies, sorry to hear about your internet problems. Lizzie x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Another pretty post! Hope you get your computer working soon - it's like losing an old friend!


Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo floss what a pretty post, I adore the pretty clogs, thanks for the invite and thanks for sharing :)


Kate said...

Hi Floss
Lovely to see your Cath collection, love the pretty shoes.
Thanks for sharing

Pomona said...

I am averting my gaze from temptation! It all looks far too pretty. I am sure the CK passport holder just indicates that you are a thoroughly nice person and which is why customs do not need to investigate further.

Pomona x

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Glad you managed to join in Floss, wouldn't be the same without you. Luv Sophie xxx

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA about the passport Floss. You certainley have a good CK lot. I love the shoes.

Wendy said...

Hi Floss,
Hope you and yours are all well.
She is truly fabulous isn't she?
Where would we be without good, old Cath???
I also shop in the Edinburgh store, it's my local too!
I have left you a little something at the Wendy-House, if you want to stop by and collect it.
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care,

silverpebble said...

To step inside that shop and resist would be the sign of enormous strength and fortitude. You deserve a bloggy 'medal for managing to not buy pretty things.' said...

just a bizarre change of events, my mum is now coming here at christmas and we are not coming I have my Cath orders in - usually it's bags, last year the red paisley oilcloth, which I must add is 'on display' and NOT in know I should change that as I will probably go off it before long

love those clogs...really love them


Florence and Mary said...

I must admit I don’t use passport covers any more as I seem to be picked on to remove it! But if I did this one would be perfect!

Victoria xx