Friday, March 21, 2014

A new rustic fence

In 2010 Ben made a lovely, rustic fence out of found wood and some wire pannels - you can see it here. Of course it wasn't going to last for ever, and with untreated wood it had more or less rotted away by last summer. He, the boys and I spent some time this winter ripping the old fence out and putting up a new one, made of treated wood salvaged from pallets!
Now that the blossom and a few bulbs are coming out, it's pretty enough to show you! Here are a few shots of the old fence when it was still looking cute, first right at the very beginning:

See how small our nectarine tree was then! Two and a bit years later, the fence was hosting some lovely Scottish foxgloves:
I very carefully dug up the current foxglove plants (three little ones) and replanted them once the new fence went in. I've also split and replanted the two different types of iris which were growing in places along the old fence, and Ben is planting some gladiolus corms along it in batches, so that they will hopefully flower at different times this year. I'm sure that Lululiz's morning glories have re-seeded themselves, as they always do, so that's some more wonderful colour to look forward to as our new, rustic fence settles in to the garden!


Jane and Chris said...

I absolutely love the shed in the background!
Jane x

Betty said...

That;s such a great idea, using recycled pallets. I love your morning glory flowers - it's all looking very pretty in the garden.

Kezzie said...

How lovely!!! I am always a bit scared of foxgloves now, even though I think they are pretty and used to love them as a child - all because of Agatha Christie and her use of digitalis in a murder!!!! (is it the Dumb witness?!?!?!)x