Monday, February 25, 2013

A Pause in Lent

It's not a very spiritual Pause, but I've had an enforced pause today, which is probably quite a good thing!
It snowed hard (by southern French standards) today, and my morning and lunch time lessons were cancelled. After a weekend getting sorted after the operation etc, it was odd and not entirely welcome to have next to nothing to do! The boys are on holiday but Son 2 has gone to play in the snow with his friends (and is now staying over night) and Son 1 is quite independent around the house except when he needs a pain killer! I tried adding a Pause in Lent Bloggers list to my sidebar (I really do want your contributions shared and recognised, folks) but Blogger isn't playing. So, hmm... pause..!

I did visit some Pause in Lent bloggers and Fiona, who has her own busy life at the moment, suggested praying. Yes - I'm tired, I'm drifting, I felt tearful when I saw Son 1's operation wounds when the nurse dressed them tonight - prayer it is. Thank you, Fiona. Thank you, Pause in Lent. Thank you, Jesus!


Carolyn Phillips said...

God is good at organising these forced pauses when we need them isn't he - although it isn't always welcome I know.

Hoping life picks up for you soon.

Elizabethd said...

I'll be praying for you Floss. I think any mum would want to take the pain of a child on herself, it is hard.
Hope you will all be recovered very soon.

magsmcc said...

Prayer and tea. This will all pass, and heal x

Kezzie said...

Oh yes, prayers, definitely.x

Sue said...

Prayers are definitely the way forward. I am pleased to hear your son is recovering well and totally understand how draining it is to us mothers as my daughter is recovering from major surgery as well.

Fiona said...

Praying that your son will be fully recovered soon and don't be too hard on yourself.