Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Questions in the run-up to a Pause in Lent

For a good few years now we've been 'Pausing' in Advent and then again in Lent. The idea is linked to journalling, perhaps - it shares the notion of making a commitment to stop, reflect and write down hopes, thoughts, experiences, questions, goals and so on.

In Advent the 'Pause' is a very accessible and straightforward one - everyone, whatever their background, can get caught up in the whirl of Christmas preparations, and lots of people appreciate taking a pause from the rush to reflect on something a bit less material. Some of the really popular Pause in Advent posts have been just that - a reflection on the things that really matter like family, home and love, rather than presents and spending.Lent is a very different matter, because we don't go crazy in the run-up to Easter. Well done us, I say! So the take-up for the Pause in Lent is smaller, and usually mainly Christian - Lent has some really obvious Christian notions and it's easier to get a handle on it if you are practising it as part of your faith. But anyone is welcome to join in - as always, what am really curious to know is: what is YOUR take on Lent? I don't care if it's not the same to other people's (in fact, dare I say it, I prefer learning about something that's different to other people!)
I have some questions for you in the run-up to Lent 2012 (the posts should start on Feb 26th or 27th), and I wonder if you have any questions for me. My question is: shall we do a Pause in Lent the way we've always done it before (click on the logo in my sidebar for some previous posts) or should we 'tweak' it a bit to prevent it from becoming stale - should we introduce a theme or a key question or something else?
I also hope you have some questions for me - particularly, there have been questions about where I got my Pause in Lent image from, so I'll answer that one in my next Pause post. But is there anything else you'd like to ask? Related to the Pause or Lent in particular, or on another subject? Go on, I'm in the mood to be grilled...


Angela said...

I was thinking about PIL the other day too, and wondering what sort of things to post this year. I concluded that I wanted to dig out some of the prayers or meditations of other people which have meant something to me, so I could share them with others.
This isn't a 'cop-out' to save having to come up with my own words- just an acknowledgement that there are many others who write better words than I, which may be a blessing to my friends.
Not necessarily particularly 'Lenten' - but a pause for meditation and reflection nonetheless.
And if I could, I would add a suitable picture or two!

whatever the final decision about PIL format this year, please count me in!!!

Blessings xx

Fat Dormouse said...

I wonder whether a "theme" for each week might be interesting...Angela's meditations might well fit the theme for the week, and it may give those who struggle to think quite what to say a bit of a guideline... especially those who aren't of the Christian faith but want to add their own thoughts to the Pause.
I'm not sure what themes would be wide enough to include such folk, but which also resonate with Christians and with the Easter theme.
Here are some possible ideas off the top of my head:
Betrayal. Love. Giving to the end. Emptiness. Despair.

A lot of those are quite negative though...Just my two penn'orth

magsmcc said...

Goodness, I wasn't thinking about Lent yet at all! i love love love everything about it, but am also quite excited about the idea of having a loose theme. Couldn't suggest one off the top of the old head though. Like fat Dormouse sometimes I don't have a lot that is blog-appropriate at the right time. But I amd elighted to find ourselves here again. I have a very fond bond with PiL as I was really only getting into blogging two years ago and through it I met Pom and Angela and so many others! And really that's all thanks to you, Floss x

Jane and Chris said...

My thoughts ping pong all over the place, if I am pinned down to a theme I am able to focus. So, I'm voting for a theme.
Jane x

Lynn said...

Hi, I have joined your blog, I am in Shreveport, Louisiana USA. I really like your site. I will try and visit you often. Hugs, Lynn

Serenata said...

Would love to have taken part in this, but will be away and unable to post. I will enjoy reading all the posts on my return though.

Fiona said...

Really liked Pause in Advent so would love to join in with Pause in Lent too - have not done this before so no real thoughts on content.

Betty said...

Have enjoyed this in the past although have struggled some weeks to think what to post. I am looking at a wide range of places of worship and style of worship in my search for 'the right place' after 10 years in the same charismatic church, so the traditional Christian Lent doesn't seem all that relevant to me at the moment, a weekly theme to focus on would be really helpful so that people who are in limbo like me or are not Christians can find a way to contribute - thanks Floss.

A Trifle Rushed said...

You are right, Lent can be so much more challenging then Advent. In the Catholic Church we start and end with a fast, on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
Although I think a theme could be helpful I also believe that the focus should not be something prescribed but on preparing for the great joy of Easter Sunday. I'm sure each of us do this in our own way, through both prayer and personal endeavour, whether that is giving something up or trying to do something new!
I am looking forward to reading the posts, but could I wait a week or two to join in?
Thank you Floss, for co-ordinating this wonderful focus. Jude x

Mommy en France said...

I find the idea of a theme intriguing too. I'm not sure if I'm going to formally participate, but I do "do" Lent if that is the right way to put it. My husband and I are giving up a few things this year and we are already discussing ways to be more mindful and prayful.

Kaye Swain said...

Hi Floss, So glad your son is recouping well. And I LOVE that holder for the oranges. I'm looking forward to reading your Pause in Lent again this year. Have a blessed week. :)