Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're going to Toulouse... (to the rhythm of 'We're going on a bear hunt'...)

OK, I'll lead, you follow...

Are you ready? Don't forget the sound effects and the actions!

We're going to Toulouse. (We're going to Tou-lo-ouse.) We're starting off in church. (We're starting off in chu-urch.)

The boys are eating with Youth Club. (The boys are eating with Youth Club.)

And Ben is helping with youth games. (And Ben is helping with youth games.)

So I'm free! (So I'm free!)

Quick! (Quick!)

Into the car... (Into the car...)

Find the list of Vide Greniers... (Find the list of Vide Greniers...)

Find the map... (Find the map...)

Only got half the map! (Only got half the map!)

Argh! (Argh!)

There's a sign! (There's a sign!)

Follow the sign. (Follow the sign.)

Past the hospital, nee naw nee naw. (Past the hospital, nee naw, nee naw.)

Past the disco, boom-cha-boom-cha. (Past the disco, boom-cha-boom-cha.)

Past the flyover, vroom, vroom. (Past the flyover, vroom, vroom.)

There it is! (There it is!)

It's raining! Pitta-patta, pitta-patta. (It's raining! Pitta patta, pittat-patta.)

Buy a plant stand from some students. (Buy a plant stand from some students.)
To the car! (To the car!)

To the next VG! (To the next VG!)

Along the canal, splash-splash. (Along the canal, splash-splash.)

Round the Grande Ronde, vroom vroom. (Round the Grande Ronde, vroom vroom.)

There's a sign! (There's a sign!)

There's a parking space! (There's a parking space!)

No parking charges on Sundays. (No parking charges on Sun- days.)

Buy a bucket. (Buy a bucket.)
Buy a box. (Buy a box.)
Buy some platters. (Buy some platters.)
Time to pick them up! (Time to pick them up!)

To the car! (To the car!)

Round the Grande Ronde, vroom vroom. (Round the Grande Ronde, vroom vroom.)

Along the canal, splash, splash. (Along the canal, splash splash.)
Back to church, alleluia! (Back to church, alleluia!)
There's the Youth Club, scream, scream. (There's the Youth Club, scream, scream.)

Time to go home... (Time to go home...)


Michela said...

Looking forward to seeing your new plant display in its Autumn outfit then! CL style of course!
Re your previous post, I remember having school mates with same problems and they had their own special teacher sat by their side, I do hope you come to a good compromise between your son 's needs, your wishes and la Directrice's will..

VintageVicki said...

Ah one of the boys favourite books - I think even now I can quote most of it from memory!!

Jane and Chris said...

That was fun (that was fun).
That was quick (that was quick).
Jane x (Jane x)

Vintage Jane said...

I was singing! I love that bucket ... rare to find them complete with lid. M x

Lululiz said...

Rofl, I wish I knew that song, I would have sung along, really I would have. Tehehehe.

Angela said...

can't buy all of it [can't buy all of it ]
gotta buy some of it! [gotta buy some of it!]
that's quite cheap [that's quite cheap]
oh what a bargain [oh what a bargain]

wendz said...

I'd never heard of the bear hunt and had to Google it - found it on Youtube and I think I will likely end up narrating my activities in my head as I go along throughout the day. If I end up insane tonight it is your fault. :)

Lovely bucket and plates. Plant stand is cute too - I have no indoor plants, sadly, as I kill them all - so it's no use trying anymore.

Sarah said...

Brilliant! Must dig the book out, hopefully we still have it.....Thanks for your pearls of wisdom re secondary schools - at least there's hope!