Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Advent Giveaway

I loved our natter over the last few days - thanks so much! As a way of saying thanks to you all, especially for your kindness and prayers over the last month or so, I have decided to have a Giveaway. When I was in an Edinburgh card shop I spotted this beautiful German Advent Calendar - it is very long and is intended to be set in front of a light source, so that the pictures in the windows glow as you open them up. I remembered my mum buying us one of these when we were children, and the wonder of the glittery scene, and the fact that we were opening real windows on actual buildings most of the time.
I like the way that it tells the Christmas story but in a rather mystical way - a child would get as much wonder from it as they would get education, I think. So this lovely calendar, which holds so many memories for me, will be one giveaway prize. If you have children or grandchildren and would like to win this calendar for the family, please mention that in your comment below.
Having bought that, I headed off to Past Times, and bought TWO Advent Candles - one for our family, and one for a second lucky winner!
In our family, the Advent Candle tradition comes from Ben's side. It's great to have festive traditions that merge the best of two families' memories! This fantastic candle has the words of a Christmas Carol on it and I can't wait to post it off to one of you - if you don't have children and would like this possibly more sophisticated Advent counter, please let me know in your comment. This size of candle burns fairly quickly - you can get through one date over one evening meal, which is perfect, I think.
So that's it - no complicated rules, but please do decide which you would rather have a chance to win, and let me know in your comment below.

I can't wait to celebrate Advent with you - it's one of my favourite seasons. Jen from The Mad House has already kindly mentioned that she's keen to join A Pause in Advent again. I'll do another post soon, perhaps when I announce the winners, to let you know more about the Advent Pause and how you can join in. If you'd like to find out more right now, last year's explanation is here.

Anyone from around the world is welcome to enter this giveaway, so I'll have to close it fairly shortly in order to get posting! Let's say I'll close the draw and announce the winners on Monday November 15th. Please do feel free to spread the word and post about the giveaway - the more the merrier, as I always seem to meet some great new people through my giveaways! Have fun and best of luck!

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed and I am about to draw the winners!


Carol said...

Hi Floss, lovely colourful post, the long German Advent Calendar is wonderful I could see how it would give any child great pleasure. Haven't seen the candles in Past Times (we have one of their Outlet stores here so don't get the full range).
Yes, please, I would like to be included in your draw and, if I was lucky enough to win, would love to receive the candle.
Thank you.
Carol xx

Jane and Chris said...

Hi Floss!
How kind you are to think of others. We have no children but have cats who love the excitement all the same (but a calendar is beyond them!!)
An advent candle would be lovely though!
Lovely to have you back!
Jane x

marigold jam said...

That Advent calendar reminds me of one I had as a child which was actually abvout the Christmas story and not about Noddy or Harry Potter or whatever! I don't want to enter for it though as have no children now and am sure a child would love it. Hope you are feeling a little better each day now although it will take time of course. It's good you have your faith to sustain you somewhat.


Sherri B. said...

It was so nice this morning to see your blog pop up when checking my list.

I would love to win the beautiful
German Advent calendar as our oldest grandson would be of age to understand and appreciate it.

It is so good to see you back!

Flossie and Tom said...

Hi Floss

Would love to win , both are beautiful XX

Elizabethd said...

That's kind of you Floss.
I'd love to win the candle , it is such a pretty one.

Angela said...

The candle is lovely - count me in! I enjoyed A Pause In Advent last year - so would love to join again this time round.
Now the girls are grown up and living away, I miss the delight of the Ritual Of The Daily Opening of the Advent Calendar through December. Maybe I should get one for myself!!
blessings x

summerfete said...

Hello Floss
You are right to go the painted shelf way.
Stripping that shelf unit was tricky, I almost gave in to the paint.

My handywork is not of premium quality!


TheMadHouse said...

Oh you are so wonderful to be thinking of everyone else during this time, it really doesnt supprise me in any way though. I am so up for a Pause in Advent again this year, it really helped me in taking time to reflect on the real meaning of the season. Oh and we would love to be in for the advent calender.

Lululiz said...

Floss, I love the advent calender, it so reminds me of my childhood. I'm afraid I can't stand the ones you tend to get nowadays, cartoons, celebrities etc.

Autumn Mist said...

Hello, Floss, it's lovely to 'see' you again, you have been so much in my thoughts and prayers. Please enter me for your draw. Both these items are lovely, but I'd love the candle. It's such a good idea for an Advent tradition.

Heidi said...

Sign me up I'm so excited! fingers crossed....I hope your doing well.

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Looking forward to hearing about A Pause in Advent, would look it up but I'm pushed for time tonight! It's my favourite time of year, I think because it brings time to reflect, and I'm a spend lots of time thinking kinda gal!

Serenata said...

Oh I just adore 'proper' advent calenders. They are so much more special than the chocolate ones, especially if the little windows light up in front of a light source. So yes please I would really love to be entered into this draw thank you Floss.

It is so kind of you and very thoughtful.

Looking forward to joining in A Pause in Advent again.

gill said...

I would love to win the candle - so lovely to see an advent calendar not full of chocolate! When my children were small it was so hard to find a decent one

Sarah said...

Yes!!! I remember putting the calendar up to the window and being amazed at the pretty pictures hidden behind the windows. Those were the best Advent calendars ever. I really don't like those nasty chocolate ones you get now. A picture was all we needed back then, I'm sure it still is really. Please put me in the drawer for the calendar so I can show our girls what pretty pictures are!

Sarah said...

Hi Floss
I hope each day is getting a 'little' more bearable for you...although, still early days....
What a lovely giveaway. I really enjoy the traditional advent calenders and I think my 2 boys would too - so, yes please count me in!

Sarah said...

I'm making my niece an advent calendar - it's her birthday at the end of November so we give her a series of small envelopes with different things in. This year she's four and now old enough to understand a bit more about what the season really means.

I'd love to be part of your giveaway for the beautiful candle.

With love,


Betty said...

Advent Pause, yes please - that would be so lovely. I would love to win your candle as we usually light one (our kids are big) but the Christian shop who sell them has closed down. The calendar is absolutely beautiful but I think it deserves to go to a home of small people whose little faces will light up with wonder and really enjoy it. I'm looking forward to Christmas this year - my first with Blogland! xxx

Karen, Surrey said...

Please count me in for the candle giveaway. As my children are teenagers I think the Advent candle would interest them more. As Parish Administrator for our local village Church Advent is a really busy time for us. I am just about the look up what your Advent Pause is and am sure it will be something good to join in with. Thank you for your strength and peace to be able to carry on with your great blog in times of adversity. Thinking of you. x.

magsmcc said...

I too have been thinking about your Pause in Advent and wondered would you feeling up to the co-ordination. I am delighted to see this post! My cooking friend and I are organising our second Preparing for Advent event which will be Saturday week, so I will wholeheartedly put myself and my strawberries forward to take part in both the giveaway and the pause. The is what the next two months are all about!

Amanda said...

The advent calender is lovely, so nostalgic.

Maria said...

The Advent calander is so beautiful Floss, I love the calanders with pictures behind the windows like this, so much nicer (though I must say a tad difficult to get hold of sometimes) than the chocolate filled ones, Our family would love a chance to win yours.. I would like to join in with a pause in advent again this year, I rteally enjoyed it last year....

bad penny said...

Wonderful Advent Calendar Floss. I treated myself to a " Grown up " one last year as the children are Teens now - so don't add me to your give away but thank you.
I like the merging of family traditions & wonder what my two will take from ours as they go out into the world then have their own homes.

We kept up with some Spanish traditions for years when we moved back but they have dwindled as the children got older - but we stil talk about them .

Kaye - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Oh Floss - what fun!I'm so glad you are doing Advent again. It's definitely become one of the highlights of my holiday time! I've already started planning for it. :)

And I would love to put my "hat" in the ring for the Advent calendar. It sounds delightful for Advent activities for grandparents and grandchiildren (and less expensive to mail to the US :) ).

Speaking of giveaways, I have one going on at for a lovely Pandigital 7 inch wifi digital picture frame - perfect for enjoying all your family memories! Salonpas, who makes my senior mom's favorite pain relief patches, is sponsoring it and two winners will get the photo frames AND samples of each pain relief patch! Very nice and very easy to enter - just a comment as well. :)

Looking forward to "seeing you" again through the Advent season and praying for you today. :)

beck said...

Hi Floss, I have been thinking about you a lot and wondering how you are. I haven't forgotten to send you the info we talked about but my friend is away on holiday so I am waiting for her to return. I love your advent calendar, how gorgeous. The candle is so sweet too. Is it getting colder there now? Hope you are keeping warm and that all your boys are giving you lots of cuddles & love. Take care xo