Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tell me what you think...

After a good summer's Vide Greniering, if that is the correct verb, I am beginning to get an idea of pricing and availability of vintage bits and bobs in this part of France.
One thing I have learnt is how varied the stalls are - one VG I went to had loads of vintage fashion newspapers, so many that it looked like they'd readily available elsewhere, but in fact I've never seen them since. I'm glad I bought a load, and since then I've sent some to Lululiz and Melanie, as part of prizes or swaps.

My favourite sorts of French vintage are small and transportable - I don't go for the furniture!This is how, as Hen was wondering the other day, I can successfully go to a VG by bike - buttons fit in a rucksack!Mmmm....... Clare, from Summerfete, asked the other day if I would be interested in selling some of my French finds to blog readers, and it has crossed my mind, but I wouldn't know how to begin...I do see some good value things, and I particularly pick up what interests me: linens...... lace and sewing accessories... ...buttons (no, surely not?)...
... vintage fabrics... ... vintage clothes and underwear...... and of course I also see other good deals which I am well aware that other bloggers would be interested in! (Query to self: why didn't I buy that mirror? It would go really well with the one that needs a pair...)
If I were to start selling, I'd like to price things carefully, to make some profit but not to have the silly prices I see on some French and UK vintage stalls!
So, my question to readers is: do you see a future in this? If you already sell over the internet, do you have any advice you could give me? If you can envisage visiting a future 'Floss Shop', what would you like to see in it? Please do give me the benefit of your thoughts - I will be grateful for any ideas or advice you could give me. Thanks!


Heloise said...

I think it's a great idea and feel sure that you would have a lot of interest from other bloggers. I have seen that sometimes other blog users set up a selling blog or there are the various online places where one can set up shop.

Good luck with it all.

summerfete said...

Hi Floss (thanks for the mention)

You know my thoughts! I like you would like to sell online, I even set up a blog, I just dont know the next step!

I would def visit if you had a shop! I'm interested in french kitchenalia, with french words on and floral cottons.

Maybe you could buy to order?


Lululiz said...

I used to sell loads of my vide greniers finds on Ebay, for a couple of years, and that was very successful. Then I got somewhat peed off with Ebay when they introduced some very silly new rules, raised the costs etc, so I stopped selling there. Unfortunately, I didn't stop buying, so now I have boxes full of potential sale stuff sitting here patiently, waiting for me to get my act together. I have started taking vintage items with me to fairs when I have the space, and I have also been discussing with people whether we should set up a blog shop. I do have a website ( for my soaps etc ), which is still very much unfinished, sigh, mostly because its such a pain to update it ( not my fault, stupid site wizard, grrr, and that has really put me off ). Errrmm, back to your question, lolol, YES, I think its a good idea, go for it, girl! If its your own blog shop, then it doesnt cost you anything but the time to list things, so why the heck not? Maybe I should listen to myself as well, lol.

Cal said...

Yes go for it. It's worth a try having your own blog shop you can direct people to and as for pricing - well trial and error. I'm sure it will do well. You seem to have some good sources of stuff, unlike here where the dealers have arrived at some unearthly hour and nabbed anything half decent. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. x

Itch2stitch.com said...

I would definitely try it, as I think you can probably find some great stuff to sell over there, a bit different than here. I would love to go to your shop and buy something! Suzie. xxx

Elizabethd said...

Good idea. You might need to consider French tax laws..........!

juanitatortilla said...

There must be loads of people selling "vintage" and "used" goods on the internet, and to be honest, I do not know how they price their items.
To me, it'd make sense to consider the transport cost (to buy those goods from the VG) + cleaning service (if any) + the price you paid + a little bit of profit for yourself. Shipping is the tricky bit, as it really varies on the size and weight and distance, etc.
You COULD give it a go, and if there were to be a Floss Shop, I certainly see Buttons and Lace and Linens to be the hits!

juanitatortilla said...

Oh! Another idea is to let people bid on your items. Which is how eBay works, isn't it?

Serenata said...

I've no idea how you would start or whether or not it would be viable, but I would certainly visit if you did. Some lovely items you have photographed, looks very interesting and fun. The mirror would have been difficult to carry on a bike though ;-)

Michela said...

Hi Floss! I totally agree with Juanita (her 1st comment), especially on the shipping!
My parents manage a stall at the Italian version of VG and there is lot of work to do! Find the stuff, clean or repair it, for earning not so much at the end!
Buttons, lace and linens, which are not cumbersome,could be a good idea. I'm sure you will have a great success, your taste is fantastic! You can try setting a new blog (blogshop), which is free, post the pictures of your items and them receive payments via paypal (with your own account), as Rose Charles do!
Hope to have soon good news from you about this!

Pomona said...

How often do you come over to England? How about coming 2 or 3 times a year to eg the Vintage and Handmade Fair? Mr Site is a good e-commerce site, but I think that possibly you would have to concentrate on the small lightweight stuff because of postage costs? And again, not sure what the French rules about self-employment are.

Pomona x

Wendy said...

Hi Floss,
Hope you and yours are well.
What I think is; sell, sell, sell.
Go onto paypal and work out their paypal price buttons, (I have some on my page if you want to have a look) and just pop them onto your blog beside what you want to sell - easy!
You have such lovely things, it would be a lovely thing for you to do.
You clearly have a good eye and it's something you enjoy.
If I can help with anything - just ask.
Take care

jeannette stgermain said...

Your laces and fabrics may be harder to get in the US than buttons. But since you go to these fairs all the time, you need to go with your own gut, and at first it may be a time of experimenting with what goes, and what not?
It's definitely a great idea! Sorry, I don't have a business green thumb:)

Sarah said...

I'd buy your buttons if I didn't live so far away!! You should consider the time it will take mostly. These things sound easy but they can be really time consuming! Do you want to spend your time doing this?

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hello Floss,
I have had a retail website for about 4 years and I have set it up on my own. The paypal "Buy it now" buttons are easy to install on your blog. I for one know that lately a lot have been going crazy about French ephemera but someone like me, here in US surely dont have better eccess to it then you. Anything with french wording as a matter of fact. I do like and suggest the idea of setting up a blog shop since its free and using the "Buy it Now" buttons from Paypal (also free unless you make a sale). And try with a few things to get a hold of how it works, then you can grow.
The first picture you posted, I saw that before on a previous post of yours and I am still drooling on those ornate frames and Rococo plates...:)
PS, another idea: Etsy allows sales of vintage items and antiques, especially buttons since that is a craft supply also. Its cheap and might be another thing you can look into.

Elyse said...

hi floss,

i think many of us would be interested in your ooh-la-la finds!

when i began my etsy shop, i used to drive the postal workers crazy because i would bring things in constantly to have them weighed to figure out accurate shipping costs. that's a big thing and it's why i generally keep my items small so that big shipping costs won't scare anyone away.

once you figure all of that out, it is very fun and nice for extra $.

hope that helped!


Ashley said...

I think that there would be quite a market for your finds. I use Etsy for my handmade pieces, but you can also set up a vintage shop on it. You could set up an account and list a few pieces and see how that goes. It is linked to paypal and very user friendly. although it is based in the U.S. with $ amounts there are lots of international sellers.

Mami said...

your sight to vintage things and collections are fantastic. Blog shop is good idea!!

Jackie said...

What a very good idea! I'd say go for it Floss ~ you have obviouly got a very good eye for picking out all those lovely vintage pieces. I'd probably say that a little Blog shop would be your best bet for selling :O)

Carol said...

Hi Floss, I think you should give it a go.
I still think EBay is good place to sell though. I have wanted to sell things I make and have collected over the years but cannot get my head around getting set up properly.
I wish you lots of luck with whatever you decide to do.
Carol x

Lace hearts said...

Floss, what a fascinating post. Please go for it - setting up a blogshop is so easy, especially, and obviously no cost to you. I think you'd have tons of interest - I'd love to buy linens from you, especially.
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I won't give up on the felting. I'll post a pic soon of exactly what happened. Not that it was a huge success. But I will keep going. x

Florence and Mary said...

I think it would be great if you could set up a blog shop!

I've got one all drafted I just need to think about what I shall be selling but thought bits and pieces I find on my travels is a great way to satisfy my shopping bug but helps with the lack of space for it all!

Victoria xx